We can provide a really unique approach to project development with high performance technologies at cost efficient rates.

The word “outsourcing” has typically generated fear in the IT industry for years. However here at Dotsquares we can prove that you no longer have to fear project outsourcing through our unique services.

What we do

Even though all our development work is carried out in India, all of our developers are directly employed and managed by us. Our Project Managers around the globe have direct links to all teams, with a handle on each stage of development.

Our clients are given the option to not only speak directly to the developers but also to the project managers in the UK and India as well.


Approach & Models

We use a vigorous agile approach when creating models, giving you the flexibility to match your own internal policies



All of our solutions are easily scalable so that all developments are efficiently kept up to date with the latest technological trends.

product developemt

Product Development

We can develop custom software systems to fulfil your business requirements.

app development

Application Development

We can create Widgets and full applications for all current smart phones and tablets.

business analysis

Business Analysis

Our experts can analyse your business and suggest the correct progression methods.



High quality standards, attention to detail, system & user testing standards are all rigorously adhered to.

why dotsquares

Why Dotsquares?

Business Understanding: We strive to fully understand what is needed, and often advise as to what is best, to ensure a perfect marriage between your needs and our products.

Product Mindset: Before venturing into any new project, we ensure that all our due-diligence is done to keep the process as streamlined as possible.

Future-proofing: We remain up to date on new developments, ensuring that what we build is up to the very latest standards. We also keep our eyes on emerging technologies, so that we can hit the ground running.

Case Studies

How We Help

Wire-framing & Prototyping: We look at his stage from a budgetary point of view. For example, with smaller budgets, clients get more for money with this area of the process reduced. Everything is tailored to your needs.

Dedicated Teams & Roles: All our staff are experts in their field, so you will never have, for example, a designer doing proof-reading, or a developer doing User Interface Testing, it is all about specialism.

Maintenance: We offer a wide range of support & maintenance contracts, each of which can be entirely tailored to your needs.

Case Studies
quality how
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Quality & Reliability

Everything we do is tested and re-tested, even before it is shown to the client.

Unlike many development agencies where testing is done by the same team that put the solution together, our testing is done by a team of specialist testers, who are able to look at the solution with fresh and unbiased eyes.

and not only test the functionality to its limits, but also to ensure that the end users are able to use the solution intuitively, something that is of paramount importance in a time critical industry.


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