August 17, 2018


Being a dedicated Salesforce Development Company, we consider it our responsibility to let our clients understand how they can maximise their ROI in Salesforce investments. Drawing on our last post about Salesforce Automation (SFA) and Salesforce Sales Cloud, what they are and how they can help you, we continue the series through this post. We will give you an insight on what there is to learn about Salesforce Analytics Cloud, AKA Salesforce Wave Analytics, and the multiple benefits it offers.

  • Integrated Solution
  • Better Collaboration
  • Quick Data Processing
  • User-Friendly
  • Security

Before diving into the specifics of the benefits of the tool, let’s first get a better insight into what the tool actually is and what it does.


What is Salesforce Wave Analytics?

Salesforce, as a true pioneer, has created several custom tools to improve the functionalities and accessibilities of the cloud CRM. With Wave analytics, Salesforce has tried to improve its cloud solution’s functionalities to help boost the productivity and efficiency, in the lead nurturing and sales processes of organisations.

If you are an experienced Salesforce administrator, you must already be aware of the multiple tools that Wave Analytics has. With this resource, Salesforce has attempted to create an extensive solution, to solve most of the Data Analytics-based BI requirements of a business.

The most efficient task that this tool performs, is the ability to empower users to gain access and use the cloud-based data stores. It also helps users in bringing the relevant data together in a single interface, and that includes the collection of data from sources other than the Salesforce platform.

Moreover, the tool has been built with a mobile-first approach. This means users won’t have to deal with the inconsistent responsive layout of the platform, whilst working via their mobile devices. The interface will be as intuitive and functional on the smartphones as it is on the desktop, if not better.

The two biggest features and benefits of Wave analytics are that it is purely data-based and it is built with a Mobile-first approach. All the other advantages will come under the context of these two. So with this context, let’s have an extensive look at how Salesforce Analytics Cloud solution, Wave Analytics, benefits you.

1.    Integrated Solution

As mentioned above, Wave Analytics is an integrated Business Intelligence solution, with tools for comprehensive data collection and analytical processing. It also provides the analytical data on the current trends, the flow of productivity, and possible variables that resonate with its context. It allows you to gather information from a variety of sources including both Salesforce and other cloud-based data sources, as well as direct and real-time information from IoT sensors and mobile POS.

2.    Better Collaboration

Other than collecting data from varied sources, Wave Analytics also simplifies the access control and visualisation of data for the team. It will empower you to enable your sales and marketing team to have a consistent view of data, with customisable dashboards. With that data, they can collaborate better on the objectives and strategies that fulfil the larger goals whilst also aligning the short-term aims. Insights from Einstein Analytics can further improve the quality of the team collaboration with improved data-based decisions with predictable results.

3.    Quick Data Processing

Wave Analytics not only offers easy tools for data collection and aggregation but also provides assistance in its processing. Furthermore, the availability of more advanced analytics features on mobile phones makes it easier for the users to process the data and gain the required insights on the go. Another factor that enhances the quality of the data processing outputs, is its ability to process the enormous amount of complex data. The tool’s ability to integrate data from all the Salesforce products autonomously, makes it easy for the team to simply focus on the information and the insight it brings, instead of spending its efforts on manual data aggregation and processing.

4.    User-Friendly

Wave Analytics is perhaps the most user-friendly tool among the cloud-based BI solutions. It offers incredibly simple ways of integrating with both cloud and on-premise systems, to get all the required data in one place and process it for the given objective. It also offers insights autonomously using its extraordinarily well trained algorithms. In short, with a customisable dashboard, and easy-to-use tools, the Wave Analytics is a great solution for Business Analytics, that anyone with a basic understanding of the Salesforce platform and other analytics software can work on without the need of any training.

5.    Security

With a tool that accesses all your business data from varied sources, to create a tailored analytics solution, will always have a security concern. It is evident that Salesforce was cognizant of this requirement whilst creating Wave Analytics, as the tool actually seems to have a more secure environment than the other Salesforce products in the market. All the data that is stored within the Cloud storage of Wave Analytics gets encrypted at the point of entry. It effectively deters all kinds of intrusions that can exploit the data of the company. Not to mention that Wave Analytics comes inbuilt with a highly secure identity and access management feature, which has become a defining feature of all the cloud-based tools of Salesforce.

So now you know why every Salesforce developer and BI enthusiast is so excited about Wave Analytics. It has indeed set a benchmark in terms of excellence in ease of use and better accessibility. Its useful and highly-relevant features that fulfil prevalent business needs also increase its value for the present market.

To know more about the tool, or how your business can benefit from it, consult with our experts directly. Not only will they help you in the deployment of the tool and its integration with the other legacy systems, but will also help you in understanding how you can get maximum value out of the tool for your specific business requirements.

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