August 15, 2016


Over the years there have been numerous ways of software project development. Back in 2001 a small group of people came together to discuss their output on the typical approach to managing development projects. Upon discovery that more and more projects were failing completion, the group devised an easier method. The outcome was to deliver software incrementally from the start of the project instead of all at once. As you can imagine this is the reason why agile is vital for the IT businesses today.

Here at Dotsquares we live and breathe the agile methodology, and in the last 14 years have delivered an astounding 10,000 successful projects, and that’s before the agile system contributed to the IT business boom! Since then, we’ve found that using the agile methodology means you get to visualise the system as it is being built. Then, through your input and superior communications between Dotsquares and clients, we can respond to your feedback quickly resulting in a very flexible build. This leads to guaranteed customer satisfaction and we are the company we stand as today because of it.

STROKE RISKOMETER is just one of the many case studies produced from the agile methodology by Dotsquares. It is an application which uses an easy and efficient tool for assessing individual blood stroke risk, based on inputs provided by the user. These inputs are then assessed by an algorithm which has been created specifically to use all the factors related to a stroke, and then the application will provide the best possible estimate for the chance of stroke.

Since then the app has been voted #1 Medical Conditions app by top doctors (HealthTap survey), and featured amongst the top paid apps downloaded on iTunes in the health and fitness category.

Agile development
Agile development
Agile development

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