March 14, 2023


Air India, one of the biggest names in South Asian aviation, announced a partnership with Salesforce through a press release. This partnership will revolutionise customers' experiences in innovative ways across all channels.

Salesforce is one of the most useful tools to streamline the customer experience, as it can be implemented for sales, marketing, analytics, and customer service. Many big businesses across all industries utilise Salesforce, one of the best tools for Customer Relationship Management.

Salesforce can streamline responses for customer needs and improve the overall experience. With this partnership, Air India aims to empower customer-facing staff across all touchpoints, providing a smooth, seamless, and personalised experience in their flights and operations.

Air India's statement about the partnership

In the press release after the partnership, Air India stated, "Given the ambitious growth plan of Air India that will result in a rapid increase in the volume of customer interactions, deploying robust and scalable technological solutions that incorporate the latest in Artificial Intelligence technologies becomes imperative. Air India's work with Salesforce will enable this accomplishment."

Rajesh Dogra, Chief Customer Experience and Ground Handling Officer of Air India, said, "At Air India, we are committed to elevate our customers' experience. In line with our strategy to deliver a world-class, omnichannel experience for our customers, we are working with Salesforce to introduce various service features that will make it easy for our customers to engage with us. Our contact center plays a crucial role in the customer's journey, both before and after the actual flight. Our deployment of Salesforce in the contact center and in other channels marks a step in our endeavor to provide a seamless, contextual, and personalised customer experience across multiple touchpoints.""

How Salsesforce will help Air India's customer processes

Salesforce technology will improve customer support and streamline the booking and check-in processes to provide more efficient baggage handling and real-time flight updates. This partnership will elevate the customer service experience and enhance customer loyalty for Air India, and it can perform better in the aviation industry.

By leveraging advanced approaches, utilising data analytics, and the latest technology like AI, Air India will be able to identify patterns in customer behaviour and provide more relevant and timely communication.

The data-driven approach with this partnership will also help Air India better understand customer needs and preferences. It will help them run marketing campaigns accurately and offer precise recommendations. With cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, Air India's customer-facing staff and automated systems will be able to identify and address challenges proactively.

Air India will optimise the customer experience across all channels to enhance customer experience, whether on digital platforms, on the ground, or in the air. It will improve customer interaction at every touchpoint across every device to automate processes and offer a 360-degree view of customers.

Want to leverage Salesforce for your business?

Many airlines are already using Salesforce for their business operations. All businesses of any size can use Salesforce's services for their business operations, not only big brands. If you want to increase sales for your business and manage customer data or optimise processes, Salesforce can help you with everything.

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