September 13, 2017


In case you missed it yesterday, Apple fans from all over the globe tuned in for the news we have all been patiently waiting for, and Apple did not disappoint! Products announced were the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3, iOS 11 and Watch OS 4, TV 4k and the next generation of iPhones.

Here’s what have to look forward when it comes to our favourite mobile devices…..


Apple Ramps Up The Heat With The Announcement Of The IphoneX!

As expected the handset has an all new design made from highly durable glass, which is featured on the front AND the back. The glass has been reinforced with a laser welded steel foundation, and is edged with a colour match aerospace-grade band to complete the look. The glass back has a built in charging system which means you will now be able to charge your iPhone wirelessly. It has been engineered to resist both dust and water, and the new retina screens available in 4.7 and 5.5 inches (iPhone8 Plus), gives you clarity when using your favourite iPhone features.

The speakers have been upgraded to give you a 25 percent increase in the sound level with a deeper bass, so that you can have the full experience when streaming music and videos. The iPhone 8 features a more advanced 12MP camera, which has a larger and faster operating sensor, creating stunning images and pictures for you to enjoy. Touch ID is still very much present, allowing you to keep your phone secure as well as use it for Apple Pay. However later this year there will be an update to allow you to also send and receive money in messages.

IPhone X

Apple Ramps Up The Heat With The Announcement Of The IphoneX!

The iPhone X is considered to be the future of iPhones, and the device itself looks totally different. Replacing the 4.7 inch screen the phone now has a 5.8 super retina display, which covers the entire device to maximise the UX. With new techniques, the technology follows the curves of the design for an elegant yet futuristic edge. To top that this is the first OLED screen available to mobile Apple consumers, creating stunning images for your leisure. It has the same reinforced laser –welded glass used in the iPhone 8 making it highly durable, and like the iPhone 8 it has also been made to resist water and dust, and also charges wirelessly.

Touch ID is no longer necessary as thanks to state of the art camera intelligence, facial recognition is the new form of security. You can unlock your phone, and pay for items by simply looking at the screen. For some that might be concerned about the ever shapes of our face, this is no longer an issue as machine learning ensures that the Face ID function adapts to your physical changes over time.

Face ID is enabled by the TrueDepth camera which can project and analyse more than 30,000 invisible dots,which together create an accurate map of your face. For the selfie lovers you can now create stunning selfies with sharp foregrounds or blurred back grounds to make your image really stand out from the crowd. However it doesn’t stop there, the TrueDepth camera can analyse 50 different muscle movements, in your facial expressions to give you Animojis. This feature creates an emoji on your facial expression so the emoji moves and talks on cue when you move your face or talk. Also both the front and back camera have been optimised with image stabilisation and fast lenses, to create striking photos even when there is limited lighting.

Thanks to the iPhoneX’s technical capabilities and High Definition Range (HDR), you can now watch your favourite movies in high definition creating a stunning experience for all!

In terms of functionality the iPhoneX doesn’t get much better than this! It’s chipped with an A11 Bionic which makes it the smartest and most powerful smart phone on the market to date, performing 600 billion operations by the second. On top of this the chip has been developed to tackle the realms of AR providing the ultimate user experience when playing our favourite games, and using our preferred apps.

With technology so advanced in the iPhoneX it’s fair to say that the iPhone8 has been slightly over shadowed, however both devices promote a highly interactive and improved experience for all its consumers. No doubt Apple fans will be excited to get their hands on these devices either way.

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