June 09, 2023


The Worldwide Developers Conference this year lived up to expectations, as Apple unveiled its highly anticipated mixed reality headset during the keynote. This marked the first public appearance of the headset, confirming numerous rumours that had been circulating for the past few months.

Following the launch of Apple's Vision Pro, it is likely that more businesses will follow this trend. Every business is striving to improve the user experience, and spatial computing is a significant step in achieving this goal. It can enhance collaboration and drive innovation through the capabilities of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

A Brief Overview of Apple Vision Pro

Vision OS, its first-ever spatial operating system. It boasts numerous groundbreaking features that can elevate user experience. While transforming the entertainment world, it can also revolutionise how people communicate and manage remote work.

Vision Pro AR headset can be operated using eye movement and hand gestures. Users can control this device by selecting options with hand gestures and scrolling through the content with flicks. Moreover, it also supports voice commands, the famous ‘Hey Siri’ which will soon be changed to ‘Siri’. The technology offers an elevated and unprecedented immersive experience, allowing users not only to visualise different worlds but also to see and interact with nearby humans.

The entertainment industry is poised for a revolution with this technology. It can deliver a theatre-like experience with its screen size and panorama, which can be particularly useful for users aiming to fully immerse themselves in the available space. With 3D capabilities, the most advanced spatial audio, and immersive visuals, this step can make the video experience more realistic than ever before.

For work and collaboration, Vision Pro can leverage the help of apps and provide real-time conversational features, boosting efficiency with a user-controlled immersive experience with a clearer view than a 4k quality video for each eye. With the assistance of vision pro users can create multi screens on the VR leaving your desk clean and wire free.

The innovative dual-chip design employed ensures the best possible user experience. Apple’s famous M2 chip delivers uninterrupted performance, while the brand-new R1 chip is used to process data collected from sensors. This chip processes data so rapidly that there will be no lag.

What Does Vision Pro Mean for Businesses?

Apple has been playing a significant force in the world of technology. With spatial computing becoming a mainstream market, many businesses can benefit from effectively utilising this technology.

With the announcement of Vision Pro businesses will be focussing on developing apps. This way they can deliver interactive and immersive experiences to users. Allowing them to provide unparalleled user experiences, making their business the best choice in their industry.

Vision Pro will boost the growth of computer vision-based applications. By utilising AR and advanced computer vision algorithms, businesses can build applications that can detect object movement and offer quality user interaction. Businesses can also use image segmentation and leverage it for spatial technology such as video and image editing, to their advantage.

AR and VR can assist businesses in organising virtual meetings, large-scale real-time product launches, simplified collaboration, and immersive remote experiences. AR and VR app development is expected to take off in the near future, and to stay ahead, business need to be at the forefront of implementation.

Leverage Modern Trends for Your Business with Dotsquares

With Vision Pro reaching the markets soon, it is evident that businesses will be able to utilise spatial capabilities to the fullest and provide their customers with real-time updates and information. If you are thinking of developing an app for Vision Pro, you can deliver an immersive experience and increase the reliability towards your business platform. It will encourage intuitive and user-friendly designs and users can get satisfactory results on your platform.

The unique capabilities of Vision Pro can be used for authentication, enabling interaction with customers, or improving workflow through real-time communication and collaboration. Businesses can create new experiences based on AR and VR and explore new market strategies.

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While businesses face several challenges, there are more opportunities than obstacles. If you want to develop an app for your business that seamlessly integrates with Vision Pro, Dotsquares' AR/ VR development services can be very helpful.

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