March 29, 2024


Rajasthan Ratna Award

Bahul Chandra, our Dotsquares India Operations Director, has been awarded the prestigious Rajasthan Ratna Award at the IT Voice Media Expo 2024. This award, akin to the Bharat Ratna, recognises individuals making significant contributions to Rajasthan's progress.

Significance of the Award

  • Rajasthan Ratna, the highest civilian award in Rajasthan, was started by the Government of Rajasthan in the year 2012 influenced by Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award.
  • This award shines brightly on individuals who leave an indelible mark on the state's progress and prosperity.

Leadership and Vision

  • Bahul’s recognition highlights his impactful contribution to the state's advancement.
  • His leadership has not only led our company to great success but has also inspired countless others to strive for excellence and contribute to the welfare of our state.
  • Bahul's offshore team management experience was key when founding Dotsquares with Bankim and Omkar.
  • The award not only celebrates Bahul's leadership but also acknowledges the dedication of the entire Dotsquares team.
  • Bahul Chandra's guidance has been instrumental in the team's success.
  • His visionary leadership at Dotsquares has propelled the company to global recognition.

Contribution to Technological Progress

  • Under Bahul's guidance, Dotsquares has become a leader in Rajasthan's technological landscape.
  • The company's global presence and innovative solutions reflect Bahul's commitment to excellence.
  • Teaming up with industry leaders helps us deliver top-notch solutions to our clients.

Optimism for the Future

  • Bahul's recognition only instils more confidence in Dotsquares' future endeavours.
  • Under his leadership, the company remains poised to continue its impactful work, both locally and globally.

Bahul Chandra's recognition with the Rajasthan Ratna Award fills us with immense pride and optimism. With his leadership, Dotsquares will continue to innovate, grow, and make a positive impact in Rajasthan and beyond. With the Global Capability Center (GCC) in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and various sales offices globally, Dotsquares is known all over the world as a leader in the IT industry. At Dotsquares, we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that drive business growth and make a positive impact on society. Under Bahul's leadership, our company has flourished, becoming a trusted partner for businesses seeking digital.

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