October 10, 2023


As digital grounds have limitless capabilities, there is no doubt that you should focus on the customer journey more than anything else. CRM, like HubSpot, can help you grow your business, but it can also offer a smoother user experience, which means more conversions. HubSpot is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) tool that is offering its services to streamline your business operations.

With countless features and CRM functionality, HubSpot is leading the way in CRM innovation. If you want to leverage every feature, you should opt for third-party integrations. With this, you can ensure you get the peak performance from HubSpot and leverage its capabilities to the fullest.

7 Best HubSpot Integrations

As HubSpot is helping many businesses streamline customer interactions and make informative decisions, it lacks some features. Recently, HubSpot announced that it has more than 1,000 integrations that users can leverage to improve functionality.

Spanned across marketing, sales, and other services, integrations are one of the most useful components of the HubSpot ecosystem. As more and more companies are investing into creating a smooth user experience, it is becoming the need of the hour to go with the specific integrations. Here are the top integrations that you should not ignore for HubSpot CRM in 2024 and beyond:


If you want to use WordPress CMS to build your website, you can integrate it with HubSpot CRM. It is one of the best integrations in the HubSpot ecosystem and it will continue to dominate in the upcoming times. In this, you can transfer site metrics and analyse the website as well.

Not only does it eliminate the hassle of switching between CRM and CMS but also offers simplified navigation and marketing tools. Moreover, you can also utilise analytics and email marketing with WordPress features.


Whenever a company works on lead generation, they regularly check their email inbox. It is a great tactic to stay informed about the customers and leads. Whether it's about sending quotes and proposals or communicating with potential customers to manage the lead lifecycle, this integration in HubSpot CRM is a great help.

It can help in tracking the progress of the Gmail campaigns, but also allows you to access various Google tools. Additionally, the integration also allows you to track the performance of your emails right in HubSpot. This makes it easy to measure the success of your campaigns and adjust your approach as needed.


If you are looking for an integration that can connect third-party apps to the HubSpot ecosystem, Zapier is one of the best in the game. It can be used to connect various apps so you can get help with streamlined processes. It can help you save time and you can improve the functionality of the HubSpot with integrations.

With HubSpot integration with Zapier, you can get access to more than 1000 apps. It can boost the productivity of the business and reduce manual work. When all the apps that you need for your business are connected to HubSpot, you can keep data centralised. It is also helpful for data migration and keeping it secure.


Slack is a feature-rich tool that you can integrate into HubSpot CRM and set up meetings and reminders. It is a great app for managing any kind of business communications whether it is internal or external. With this, you can check all the notifications from a single place and manage communication.

Without having to switch between CRM and apps, you can organise team activities through Slack integration. It is a great tool to make your CRM a digital workspace and manage collaborations. You can ensure accessibility and team coordination from anywhere using Slack integration in HubSpot CRM.


If you want to integrate a tool in HubSpot CRM that can help the sales team improve performance, this tool is the key. You can utilise this tool to help in scheduling meetings and elevating sales with ease.

It can bring automation to your business and you can streamline emailing for your business needs. This easy-to-setup integration allows you to collect information with customised questions so your sales team can prioritise leads to boost sales.


This custom integration is also a great tool to enhance the communication functionality in HubSpot CRM. It is one of the most in-demand integrations to have that can elevate your market reach with personalised interactions with your potential customers.

It is offered by companies like Dotsquares so you can ensure you get the best communication channel working for you. As WhatsApp's user base is one of the major in the social media era, this integration in HubSpot can revolutionise communication. You can offer unparalleled support to your users and leads.


It is a great third-party integration tool that we can use in HubSpot to improve contract management for your business needs. With this PandaDoc HubSpot integration, you can create and send out a personalised proposal easily. Moreover, it also gives options to edit the proposal.

You can improve the functioning of your sales team and create personalised documents for every request. Without any need to go to the third-party app, you can track the status of the document and speed up your overall sales process while delivering a great user experience.

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