September 06, 2023


Every business is looking to boost productivity and streamline operations while cutting costs. When managing customer data and improving their online experience, Salesforce CRM is one of the best names present in the market. With this tool, a business can store user data and track interactions to improve business decisions. It can create great relationships and boost sales with a personalised approach.

Integrations can enhance functionality and bring flexibility to business processes. To run your business at the best possible efficiency, you need to have everything together and utilise two or more systems working together. Adding additional features and elements to the system will enhance its functionality and leverage Salesforce CRM's capabilities to their full potential.

Why Should You Try Salesforce Integration?

Salesforce as a CRM offers many possibilities for your business to expand and grow. You can get enhanced flexibility and leverage extra features with the best Salesforce integrations. With this, you can improve Salesforce CRM's performance and add new features and functionality to take your business forward.

Salesforce has over 2,500 integrations that can improve workflows, and the need arises because the leading CRM also has some limitations. Using CRM, you can eliminate every limitation and grow with no barriers.

Quality integrations in CRM enable seamless data exchange and bring automation to your business. To maximise your impact across the CRM ecosystem, Salesforce integration can also address the problem of data discontinuity.

There are many integrations available for your business that can improve the user experience, but you must select the one based on your requirements, and that should provide your customers great value. You can also get help from a certified Salesforce consultant to find the best solution for your business.

13 Best Salesforce Integrations For Businesses

There are lots of integrations that can elevate the value of Salesforce CRM. Some of the top Salesforce integrations you need to have to stay ahead with the technology and gain a competitive edge with technology are listed here.

1. ZoomInfo

Updating the information in Salesforce is crucial to provide users with the best value. Sometimes, it is not easy to manage data as there are large databases. You can streamline this with Zoominfo Salesforce integration, as it can simplify your business. Moreover, you can scan the database in Salesforce and your system, no matter how large it is and give you verified contact information.More than 13000 businesses are using ZoomInfo for targeting leads. With automatic updates, it eliminates the need to update contact information. This tool can also receive notifications about new projects, like how they manage funding and staffing changes. With a native phone dialer and conversational intelligence capabilities, you can manage meetings, calls, and emails. This integration gives users access to insights within Salesforce without moving to a different platform.

2. Weflow

It is a revenue execution tool that can be integrated into Salesforce CRM. It is among the best names to boost pipeline management and streamline Salesforce updates. This Salesforce integration can increase sales process compliance and improve Salesforce data management.Weflow also has a Chrome extension so that you can use this on the go with web, Calendar, Gmail or Outlook. A modern-style notepad can automatically sync with Salesforce and save time, making your business more productive. It has multiple templates that you can use to avoid any extra hassle.

There is no need to open many tabs; you can reduce the time to load the data with this integration. With accurate information, it can also improve sales forecasting. It also gives options to manage one-on-one sessions so your team can run more efficiently.

3. Slack

Slack is a business messaging app that can manage communication in the team. The platform can improve team collaboration and manage outside communications by making communication easier than email.

With the Slack Salesforce integration, you can collect data from Salesforce and make sharing information with team members across your organisation easy. You can also set up Slack notifications with your preferences on Salesforce activities. You can join for free, but there are paid plans as well.

It keeps you updated with critical accounts and allows you to manage collaboration easily. You can seamlessly finish tasks and stay informed about team tasks with real-time communication. Slack has a direct search option from search, and you can also share Salesforce records. It also gives the option to attack messages to Salesforce records.

4. Tableau

It is one of the best data analytics tools available in the market. Integrating it into Salesforce lets you visualise your business data effectively and in real-time. You can pull the data from any channel in your business and better understand user behaviour with Salesforce features. This integration makes it easy to utilise the power of CRM analytics and spot trends while predicting outcomes. With this integration, you can make data-driven decisions and offer timely and relevant recommendations to your users. You can also utilise AI models to improve prediction and make better decisions. It is possible to embed a Tableau Server, Tableau Online, or Tableau Public dashboard into Salesforce because of this Salesforce integration. You can also view this integration in the app without going to any other third-party platform. Moreover, it comes with a fully native data solution with Salesforce capabilities using this integration.

5. Breadwinner

If you want to integrate financial solutions into Salesforce, the Breadwinner extension is one of the best names you can go for. It easily connects Salesforce CRM to your preferred finance software like QuickBooks, Xero, or NetSuite. It can also be used for payment processors like PayPal, Venmo, and Stripe integrations.

If we talk about integration, Breadwinner integration works with two-way synchronisation so that you can access the data within the Salesforce account. Many easy–to–use models are available in the Breadwinner tool that you can integrate and streamline your financial tasks. You can generate invoices and bills for your sales and finance team with the Breadwinner extension in Salesforce. It is also easy to get support for multiple currencies. It also offers a robust data dashboard with strong reporting so you can track the financial state of your business.

6. ActiveCampaign

The best integration you can use to automate marketing tasks with Salesforce is ActiveCampaign. With features like email marketing, sales automation, and CRM, it can elevate customer experience on your platform. You can sync leads with Salesforce and trigger follow-up emails and campaigns on the Salesforce platform. With this integration, it is also easy to track the leads and interact with the messages to improve personalisation in the customer journey. This is one of the best Salesforce integrations that can keep the contact information updated on Salesforce. You can create customer segmentation and manage track with an improved workflow in the CRM. With automated follow-ups, you can ensure leads are prioritised right to grow in the digital landscape.

7. LinkedIn

It is one of the best Salesforce integrations to manage your social media presence. With many of LinkedIn’s networking features, it can help you improve targeting to reach the relevant user base. You can utilise the power of LinkedIn and find professional groups and events on LinkedIn.

It can also be used to post status updates and write articles. This integration can save time while connecting to the user base. Additionally, it comes with sync features to get contacts and leads on the Salesforce account.

Using APIs, you can incorporate this into Salesforce. You can make it easy for the sales team to manage leads and improve workflow. It also comes with an option where you can find suggested leads so you can convert more prospects.

8. Zapier

If you want to use automation in Salesforce with third-party integration, Zapier is one of the best names. With access to more than 5,000 apps, it can pass data from Salesforce to different apps. With this, you can create leads and manage objects conveniently. It comes with access to Facebook Lead Ads, PayPal, Calendy, etc., so you can automate workflow and move information from apps to Salesforce channels. While automating most of the tasks, you can reduce the dependency on the team and cut the cost by a margin. If you want to optimise business processes and enable automation, Zapier integration into Salesforce can be effective. With this, you can streamline management and concentrate on tasks based on priority to make the best impact.

9. SalesLoft

Sales management is vital for the growth of your business, and Salesforce is the best CRM for that. To maximise the potential of sales processes, increase engagement, and manage leads more effectively across Salesforce channels, you should choose SalesLoft Salesforce integration.

This integration can help in lead attraction and sales management. You can leverage this to increase overall engagement with the sales. With bidirectional data sync, it is an excellent tool for managing pre-sales and post-sales needs.

Managing leads, contacts, accounts, and many other things can be managed with Salesforce. You can automate call recordings and email marketing for a better sales process. It can also help in messaging to the right audience.

10. Outfunnel

It is an excellent tool for managing sales and marketing processes in your organisation. You can choose the contact information and sync it with custom objects per your unique needs. It automatically updates the data so you can run marketing campaigns efficiently. It is a place where you can find data from all the various Salesforce channels. It offers a single platform for all the data so your sales and marketing teams can save time and improve productivity. You can make better decisions and grow your business with this one of the most productive Salesforce integrations.

It also offers integration with other marketing tools like Mailchimp—Wix Forms, Calendly, ActiveCampaign, etc. Outfunnel also lets you set up a strong connection between your CRM and web forms to sync the data to the Salesforce CRM. Currently, it is being used by more than 1000 businesses worldwide.

11. Google Workspace / G Suite

Every business needs to streamline document management, which is possible with Salesforce integration with Google Workspace. There are plenty of Google tools that you can use for your business, like Calendar, Drive, Docs, etc., and you can quickly get all the data into Salesforce with this integration.It makes it easy to communicate across teams inside the organisation and outside the organisation. It streamlines collaboration. With this integration in Salesforce, you can save meetings, emails, and contacts directly in the Salesforce ecosystem. This integration also allows seamless data synchronisation between Salesforce and various Google platforms.If your team works on Google Workspace, this integration can offer the best value to your productivity. Moreover, it is an excellent and familiar tool for increasing productivity if you are relying on Google products for your business.

12. Flair.Hr

If you want to manage your business's employee data in one place, it is an ideal integration. Flair.HR Salesforce integration is the best option for managing HR activities. With this integration, you can store all the data in one place and automate time-consuming HR tasks. It can plan shifts so the HR team can organise work schedules and track activities. The capabilities of are not limited to the HR team but can also be used for team members. This integration has a self-service option where employees can access some features. With payroll tools and time-tracking software, you can ensure performance. It is also helpful for goal setting and comes with recruiting tools so the HR team can easily manage everything.

13. Gainsight

If you are looking for integration in Salesforce that can manage the lead lifecycle and elevate the experience, Gainsight Salesforce integration can help. You can use this for lead segmentation, workflow management, and reporting needs.

It can create customised CTAs and analyse customer journeys to increase personalisation in your business. With this integration, you can integrate all the customer data and utilise the capabilities of Salesforce CRM.

To close more deals and increase conversions, this tool has a robust dashboard where you can manage multiple tasks. With support ticket and usage data sources, you can elevate customer journeys and give them real-time information about their needs. You can also give your users personalised responses and recommendations with this integration.

Implement Salesforce With a Certified Team

Salesforce can boost your business while cutting down your overall cost. It offers many benefits to automate tasks and improve workflow. It can elevate your business performance by a margin. Whether you need to implement Salesforce or want to integrate third-party tools into Salesforce CRM, Dotsquares' Salesforce experts can help.

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