May 23, 2023


Bigcommerce is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms in the world. It offers various elements and features that can improve your business with the immense potential to convert users with an intuitive UI.

The core of eCommerce is business-to-business marketplaces, and to serve these, a robust platform is required. With the BigCommerce software-as-a-service platform, you can get a quality B2B platform. Moreover, BigCommerce B2B offers effective performance with its enterprise-level functionality.

The Latest Announcement in BigCommerce B2B Edition

The B2B edition of BigCommerce has a comprehensive range of functionalities to boost the selling experience of B2B business owners. It has recently announced a new version with enhanced features and functionalities.

It introduces features such as Multi-Storefront (MSF) compatibility, an updated B2B buyer portal and headless support. With these features, every business that operates on the business-to-business model can elevate user experience across its platform.

New Features of the BigCommerce B2B Edition

Here are the areas where this edition of BigCommerce will elevate the B2B business models user experience:

Multi-Storefront Compatibility

It is easier than ever to launch multiple storefronts from a single backend on BigCommerce. Businesses can manage storefronts efficiently and reduce operational costs while making processes more streamlined. With this, business owners can discover growth with scalability features. It can elevate the customer experience which can result in increased return order value.

Modernised Buyer Portal

This new update brings a new and modernised buyer portal. It automates the administrative processes while streamlining the merchant's relationship with buyers. Businesses can manage orders and workflows efficiently and reduce costs using this edition. Moreover, it can also help in conversions and increase repeat orders.

Headless support (Beta version)

The latest B2B edition of BigCommerce supports headless development. With this feature, B2B businesses can have microservice-based cloud-first headless architecture. It can be used to build a scalable store that can be enhanced with the growth of the business. This headless architecture can integrate easily with BigCommerce HTML themes which can be used to elevate personalised experience on your business platform.

Benefits of the Latest Release of BigCommerce B2B Edition

With new features and functionalities, the latest edition has many other benefits. If you are a part of the B2B sector and want to know how this upgrade can assist your business, here are some advantages you should know about:

Customised Purchasing Experience

Using a single backend can help in delivering a tailored experience to every user. With this new edition of B2B BigCommerce, it is possible to curate purchasing experience based on user region or industry.

Simplified reordering

It can help in creating various specific access points where users can view everything about their previous orders. With the feature of Quick Order Pad, it’s easier than ever to reorder as it gives users an option to duplicate previous orders or create a new one based on the data of previously completed orders.

Mobile-optimised purchase experience

This edition comes with an elevated mobile experience for buyers so they can manage orders from anywhere. It can increase sales potential and helps in delivering a unique and smooth process for order management.

Seamless storefront integration

It is easy to integrate the BigCommerce Stencil storefront with this edition. Moreover, with this upgrade, business owners can manage integration with CMS and level up their customer’s buying experience with the help of portal APIs.

Frictionless purchase

B2B business owners can manage their stores with preset prices with this new edition. It can boost the user experience with simplified configuration and increase conversion.

Utilise the Latest Trends in eCommerce for Your B2B BigCommerce Store

BigCommerce is regularly coming up with new updates and it is transforming the overall shopping experience for B2B businesses. If you want to utilise the latest features in your eStore, Dotsquares’ BigCommerce experts can help!

With extensive expertise, we work with the latest trends to ensure your customers get a hassle-free unique experience. Contact us right away, and we'll assist your B2B store attract more customers while ensuring that your current customers have access to the best structure possible.

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