November 07, 2022


Ecommerce has disrupted the traditional business paradigm, enabling us to shop whenever and wherever we want. Shopping for favourite products has become unimaginably convenient for people due to the advancement of the internet. As a result, selecting an Ecommerce software platform that meets the needs of the business has become more critical.

What is BigCommerce?

In today's world, BigCommerce is considered a well-known Ecommerce platform as it is user-friendly and provides great customer support. The excellent store management features of BigCommerce will surely help your business to stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, it should be the preferable choice whether you are evaluating platform options or looking to improve your current Ecommerce technology stack. BigCommerce gives you everything you need to grow and run your online business smoothly, from general functionality to scalability, security, and more. Moreover, it provides a set of tools that developers can use to make a wide range of customisations to an Ecommerce site.

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Discover the 5 Essential Features of BigCommerce

Every year, BigCommerce creates a growing number of unique tools. The decision to use BigCommerce as an Ecommerce platform over another is heavily influenced by its features and functionality. Get a comprehensive overview of the most notable features of BigCommerce-

Website Customisation

BigCommerce software is intended to assist you in improving every aspect of your online store. The platform enables you to customise your website based on your preferences and brand. These built-in features boost traffic and revenue, propelling B2B and B2C businesses forward. BigCommerce is a fully-featured content management system designed with simplicity in mind. It has numerous layouts and configurable features to ensure that your customers have a pleasant shopping experience. Also, customers can customise fast-loading templates with the BigCommerce Stencil upgrade framework to meet their specific business needs.

Unlimited Products, File Storage, and Bandwidth

BigCommerce does not limit the size of your catalogue, storage space, or the number of requests your website can receive in a month. This is true even at the entry-level "Standard" tier, so you don't need to upgrade to get more products or faster loading times. Your websites will perform better if they are optimised with a clean design and compressed assets. It is one of the popular BigCommerce features, as the advantage here is that you will not have to pay for increased bandwidth.

SEO and Analytics Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered an important part of promoting your organisation in terms of driving traffic and attracting visitors. BigCommerce has built-in SEO features to assist businesses in increasing organic exposure, as it has an analytics dashboard that provides customers with insights and visibility. Also, its Content Delivery Network (CDN) prioritises your website's speed and attempts to reduce loading time, leading to satisfied customers and higher search engine ratings. Therefore, BigCommerce Enterprise's SEO capabilities make the ongoing optimisation process much easier.

Customer Segmentation and Groups

BigCommerce sellers on the "Plus" plan and higher can categorise customers by group, this is known as segmentation. This feature is beneficial to all types of stores, but it is especially important for B2B sites. Segmented clients can be enrolled in a loyalty programme. Therefore, you can give special rewards or offers to a specific customer group, a membership group for discounts, a wholesale group for lower rates, and so on. This is one of the essential features of BigCommerce. As merchants can also restrict certain products and categories to certain demographics.

Product Swatches

Product listings in any BigCommerce edition tend to support multiple product variants for size, colour, or pattern options. These options can be formatted using checkboxes, size selectors, or dropdowns. Sellers can use colour or picture samples to provide clients with a brief preview of various products with visual variants. Also, if the product has visual variations, you can swatch images or colours to get a quick preview of each variant. It is one of the best BigCommerce features that can work wonders for the online business.

Simplify Ecommerce Management

BigCommerce embodies much of what is good about SaaS Ecommerce platforms as it provides a more customisable turnkey solution by allowing third-party development and including more features. Business owners must understand that an Ecommerce shopping cart's functionality is critical. They ensure that your visitors find you, stay for a while, and do not abandon your website because it is slow, as the visitors expect the sites to load quickly. BigCommerce offers a wide range of tools and features that developers can use to meet the client's specific needs.

BigCommerce's benefits are so diverse that it is one of the most popular Ecommerce platforms globally. If you are about to launch a new online store then this platform is considered to be an excellent choice. As the services of BigCommerce exist to assist you in selling more online. One of the most essential benefits of BigCommerce is that it is a low-cost solution for online businesses of all sizes.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, BigCommerce offers everything an Ecommerce store owner might require. Bigcommerce has essential covered features, whether you want the fundamentals or to delve deeply into your store's options. Businesses can find custom elements or desired features that can improve their sites with the help of an active app developer community and a well-stocked app marketplace.

Being an industry leader, our certified BigCommerce developers excel at developing innovative websites and maintenance solutions to enhance your online presence. Dotsquares tend to design a unique strategy for every project by working relentlessly to enable our customers with a robust and full-fledged Ecommerce store.

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