June 21, 2023


BigCommerce is leading the innovative way when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends in eCommerce development. With a responsive layout and intuitive navigation, it can be used for immersive product display and help any eStore stand out in a cutthroat competitive era.

There is always a need for making your store intuitive and visually appealing - this will never go away in the digital era we live in. There is no point in having a great range of products if you do not have a store that offers an intuitive shopping experience and fulfils user needs. By having a responsive platform, you are able to sell more and build trust among your customers.

Top 7 Trends in BigCommerce Design

If you are using old layouts and designs, it is very tough to catch user attention and convert them. You can deliver a great user experience with the latest trends and trust us - it matters, as it can seriously boost revenue for your business.

Here are the top 7 trends in BigCommerce design:

Interactive product visuals

As technology is evolving, users are going for interactive designs and exploring every side of the product before making a purchase. Choosing interactive product visuals can draw user attention and provide more value to user time on a BigCommerce website. Approaches like 3D animations, hover animation, augmented reality (AR), 360° product views, etc. can be used for making experiences interactive.

Mobile-first design

Most of the online shopping is done using the mobile version of the eCommerce website. With BigCommerce, it is possible to create a mobile-first website and it is a trend that is going upwards only. You should have a positive mobile experience and a responsive website to excel in the evolving digital age.

Chatbot integration

Customer satisfaction is very crucial for businesses and if the business is retail, it is a must-have process. If you want to streamline customer support processes in digital commerce, chatbot integration is what you need. It is a trend that can help in reducing the operational cost. It can also offer 24/7 customer support so you can increase user convenience.


The most underestimated trend in BigCommerce is managing micro-interactions. With interactions about everything in the store, a business can give the best idea about the products and increase conversions. It includes hover animation, visuals on scrollings, and showing error messages. It is a trend to follow and you can send confirmation messages and order updates for every purchase.

Add product videos

The online shopping experience is evolving and one of the main reasons for this is the new trend of giving the best possible angles of a product. With all-angle images and 3D views, now product videos are being used. With a product video, the customer gets the best idea of what they are getting. This trend is emerging and you should use it in your BigCommerce store.

Multidirectional layout

Multidirectional layouts can present the product better than anything else. This trend can enhance sales and a business can showcase its product in the most interactive manner. When the potential customer can move in every direction and get better product angles, the conversion chances are high. With an intuitive layout, it is possible to engage users and businesses can sell more with BigCommerce functionalities.

Attractive product page

If a page is catchy and has product information that is needed from a user, it is more likely to convert. This trend is nothing new but probably is the most effective one. You need to have everything that a user likes, from product descriptions to images. With relevant photos and customer reviews, attractive and informative product pages can pull sales.

Best design practices to follow for a BigCommerce website

With adequate measures and appropriate practices, you can maximise the performance of your BigCommerce eStore. It enhances the overall customer experience and makes your platform stand out from your competition.

User-centric design

Design is not about how you show your platform, it is about how you make your customers feel. You should choose a design or create one to deliver an emotional touch to your users. If you prioritise your customer's feelings, you can make navigation easy on your platform and make users stay more on your platform. You need to enhance search options as well.

Showcase brand identity

Maybe you are not a big brand today but if you put in enough work, you can make your business a brand. For this, you need to keep the business identity a factor in design. With a proper approach, you can present your business in the best way and communicate with your users with just a BigCommerce platform.

Follow the latest trends

We have mentioned the top trends in the upper sections of the blog. If you can follow the latest design trends for design, you can outshine your competitors and evolve with a quality user experience. Trends like adding dynamic pages, using interactive layouts, and data-driven recommendations can be really helpful.

Add customer reviews

When you add a design element to your platform, you should ensure they meet customer preferences and give them a pleasant experience. For this, you can ask users to add reviews. Adding testimonials on the product page is also a great tactic and you can increase conversions with this. If you have user reviews, you can increase reliability and trust towards your business.

Simplified checkout process

You will be able to reduce the bounce rate and grow with quality design if you have a platform that offers a straightforward checkout process. You can incorporate intuitive designs and get more conversions on your BigCommerce store.

Leverage BigCommerce expertise for design trends

The design definitely plays a vital role in the growth of an eStore. With a quality design, it is possible to attract more customers and boost sales. If you are looking for a BigCommerce agency that can elevate your design strategy and deliver a best-in-the-class digital store, we can help.

Being one of the leading BigCommerce development companies, we are working with the latest trends in design and development to make you stand out. If you want any digital service related to eCommerce business, we are here to help. Contact our experts right away.

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