September 15, 2022


In today's world, your brand's ability to differentiate itself from the competition is greatly influenced by the web design of your online store. Your eCommerce website should be well designed with a distinctive appearance and feel. Business owners need to understand that the website's style and functionality are essential for building the brand and enhancing the customer experience. BigCommerce provides a way to create fully functional eCommerce websites with a plethora of themes and templates. Choose the theme that speaks to your customers and showcases your products.

BigCommerce has plenty of opportunities for customisation, but the theme you choose will directly affect many aspects of your design. So, you must choose wisely that tends to align with your goals for your online store. BigCommerce themes and frameworks have become popular paths for online brands to explore. One of the major benefits of BigCommerce's themes is that it caters to a wide range of industries. It offers twelve free themes, including numerous styles that are variants on a single theme.

Dotsquares develops unique and engaging BigCommerce websites that power enterprises. Our expert BigCommerce developers provide bespoke theme development by understanding your requirements and business challenges.

Choose the Right Theme to Elevate Your Online Presence

We aim to make it simple for you to select the ideal BigCommerce theme. You can choose from our top selected premium and free BigCommerce themes that can take your brand to the next leap.


It is a free custom theme with a large banner and sleek design that should work well for all eCommerce brands. It showcases your products prominently as it is attractive and easy to use. The theme tends to create a dynamic homepage with a clean, organised layout and sticky navigation bar to engage customers. Vault theme comprises the search feature, expandable "mega menu" ideal for large inventories, product videos and so on. It comes in three styles that are Vault Natural, Vault Cool and Vault Bright. Therefore, offering a harmonious arrangement of both colours and structures.


The theme is simple, stylish, and uncluttered, which is intended for large product catalogues. Cornerstone is the most popular BigCommerce theme that comes in three variants - Light, Bold, and Warm. This is a responsive theme that has unique features like advanced quick view, customised one-page checkout, mega navigation, masonry design etc. You can choose the style variants that make your businesses and brands stand out.


Fortune's minimalist design style ensures that everything on your website maintains a clean appearance. It is an exceptional free BigCommerce theme for modern eCommerce stores and is ideal for companies with small- to medium-sized catalogues. The theme's four styles are minimal, bright, contrast, and highlight. The full-width graphics exhibited in the full display is one of the most striking features of the design. In addition, the theme has an extensive selection of typefaces, colours, product grids, and other customisation possibilities.


It is trendy and one of the best BigCommerce themes ideal for fashion stores. The mega menu is the most popular feature that allows companies to include images, videos, and other items in their site menus. The theme understands the significance of making a strong first impression. A pop-up that invites people to sign up for the newsletter is also a fantastic way for business owners to keep customers interested. Brooklynk is one of the best themes with a stencil structure as it has responsive design, and the ability to switch between grid and list choices.


The theme is equipped with innovative designs crafted for a strong hero image. Unline other BigCommerce themes; you can find a promotional banner at the bottom of the design. It exhibits the ideal harmony between website functionality designed to convert and the design functionality created to engage. Scales offers four unique styles: Chic, Minimal, Pop and Modern. The premium theme is the best fit to capture the customer's attention and is optimised for all device types.


It tends to provide a unique emphasis on user reviews and has an appealing design to increase sales. The prominently featured consumer feedback and broad call-to-action buttons spark the customers' interest and guide them through the purchasing process. Moreover, it has several navigational options and customisable colours that make the arcade versatile. It helps the customers enjoy accessible customer service and many valuable tools. Also, it comes with built-in support for smartphones and tablets.

Roots Orignal

It has an image-focused theme and an appealing grid layout. Roots theme is the best choice for medium- to large-sized product catalogues as it focuses on search and flexible navigation. This can be adapted to a wide range of businesses due to its simple and practical style. The theme has a sturdy product grid that adjusts to various image proportions. The graphics are divided into three pieces for various categories, a feasible theme for large inventory stores. Additionally, a complete navigation menu, search bar, and account sign-in/register area are effectively included around the photos.


The theme has more features than anything you've ever seen. It is entirely fully conversion rate optimised and is appropriate for any industry. There are lots of customisations and integrations that enable enterprises to provide a better customer experience. Solar offers an appealing eCommerce layout with distinctive user-friendly features. One unique element is considered to be the inclusion of category buttons that makes it simpler for the users to find the products they're looking for. Each Solar style has a distinct feel, so choose the one suitable for your website requirement.


The theme surpasses expectations for footwear, athletic goods, or clothing website design. The design has three main colours that are reddish-orange, whitish grey and luxurious black. The colour scheme keeps it uniform and expert. Sneak creates a visual connection between the product and the brand name. Therefore, it employs a stencil framework to keep things simple and benefits from a stunning responsive design. This is a unique and best BigCommerce theme design that can help you to stand out with your brand truly.


Beautica provides the consumer with a clean and convenient shopping experience. It is known to be an ideal BigCommerce theme for cosmetics, fashion, luxury jewellery, and shoe stores. Undoubtedly the theme tends to look stunning on any device and is completely responsive. Beautica is a highly chic theme with a product label section, drop-down login bars and a product label section. It is suited for those who want to run a higher-quality website.


It is extremely important to have an assessment of the paid and free BigCommerce theme to elevate your online presence. Choose from a wide range of options to create a beautiful storefront. Also, users are permitted to modify their themes even if they have no programming experience. The themes on this list will suit a variety of businesses as they are versatile.

Powered by digital-first strategies, Dotsquares offers comprehensive BigCommerce website design and development services. We create websites that mirror your business goals.

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