April 26, 2022


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Magento is a powerful, scalable and flexible platform for creating an eCommerce store. The platform allows you to create a feature-rich website that will help you improve and sustain your business. But before starting the Magento website development for your business, you need a checklist to understand your requirements clearly.

What type of website does your business need? What features need to be implemented in your eCommerce store to give your customers a user-friendly and straightforward website structure? After finalising all of the points, it's time to hire a professional agency to do your work in a limited downtime.

We have shortlisted some key points that you need to consider before hiring any professional Magento development agency.

Make A List Of Your Unique Requirements

A variety of your items should be included in your requirements, including customer needs, market and competitor analysis. To have a clear idea of the type of ecommerce shop you need, it's beneficial to analyse your company's needs using the essential data. To get a successful outcome, you need to provide the details from scratch.

Professional Experience

When you have a complete idea about what type of Magento store you want for your online business, it's time to reach out to an agency. It's critical to know how long a Magento agency has been building and maintaining Magento-based eCommerce websites.

While talking to agencies, it is essential to do a background check and inquire about the number of projects they've worked on and if they have trained and certified Magento 2 developers.

You should contact someone who has excellent experience developing high-quality and feature-rich websites for various niches.

Certified Magento developers

Magento platform is a worldwide partner network. Always go for an agency that has Magento certified developers. They are well-trained and must have cleared Magento's annual examinations.

To execute your digital strategies, choose Magento certified partners. It allows your website to stand out among the crowd. You might also gain additional traffic as a result of the process.

Magento Solution Partner

Finding out how many certifications a Magento 2 agency has is a perfect way to start your search. Magento offers a formal partnership programme and a certification system to Magento developers and development organisations.

Go with the Magento development agency if it is a Magento solution partner.

Security and Data Integrity

When you hire someone online, the main question that arises is security and data integrity. Data is everything for your website. Hence it would be best to have someone take care of your site and keep it secure from all possible threats.

What are other clients saying?

There is no better way to see if the agency is working well than to check what other clients say about it. This is like a spotlight from customers that make an agency shine in its business area.

Don't forget to check other clients' reviews and ensure the agency is working reliably and effectively.

What is the Magento Development Process?

The last but most crucial step is to understand the entire process clearly. Everything should be clear in front of you, from getting in touch with an agency and sharing your requirements to the day when your project is delivered successfully.

Why Choose Dotsquares for a Successful Magento Web Development?

Magento platform provides professional features that e-Commerce giants need to improve and sustain their business today. Whatever your business demands are, from professional features, store customization, custom themes and extensions, to adding unique functionality to your store, Dotsquares can help you with all of these. We will meet all the requirements for a successful Magento development process.

Ready to take your Magento eCommerce store to the next level? Let's talk! At Dotsqaures, our Magento developers will help you in every step of your website development process to give you the best results for your business.

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