September 27, 2017


Since the successful launch of Pokémon Go Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that has been sweeping the industry by storm. Over the last year many organisations have been testing its capabilities to better their products particularly in the gaming sector.It’s only been recently that experts have made the technology more mainstream, and we are starting to see the software present in programmes and applications we utilise in our day to day lives.

Two weeks ago tech conglomerates Apple had the industry buzzing once again, with the release of the iPhone X. In the promotional video we saw a group of guys playing basketball on an outside court, and then seconds later a screen is placed in front of the action, and we see a computer generated animation of a dinosaur, this is augmented reality. It allows digital images to be placed as an overlay on top of what we can actually see, so that we have an augmented view when looking at the screen.

CONNECT-AR – Protect Your ROI and Leverage Your Assets With AR!

Here at Dotsquares we have used AR to create several games including our most recent release “Cold Blood Go”, which was an adaption of the concept of Pokémon Go. However we have also been looking at ways where we can take the technology more mainstream. Rather than simply creating a brand new product, we reviewed some of our more popular products that enhanced our customer relationships. Back in 2011 we launched an app called CONNECT which was used for visual communication, however by incorporating the AR software we have created a new way to connect with our customers, and re-launched our app as CONNECT-AR.

With CONNECT-AR we can share content via a 3D portal meaning we can present 3D assets, using AR and also Virtual Reality (VR). Clients can now view 3D design models in full colour, as well as in 360 degree immersive videos and images. As the app has been built on an open platform it allows app users to upload information over the web for delivery, and to select registered users via secure and personalised lists. In addition to our own personal use to perfect our services, our clients can also use CONNECT-AR to share their products with their potential customers, alongside detailed information and links to helpful images and technical drawings all within the app. As a result team communication can be enhanced by sharing images and videos captured, with the capability of project specific messaging to feedback and improve the output.

CONNECT-AR – Protect Your ROI and Leverage Your Assets With AR!

CONNECT-AR allows you to record your experiences for sharing with your communities. People within those communities can add comments to items listed, and can discuss all elements through the built in chat function. As a huge benefit the app will save businesses time and money as you can explore the product or design, before having to pay out any of the budget. The app is a highly effective option protect your ROI, and to leverage your current assets in new, engaging and exciting ways. You can download CONNECT-AR from the both the App Store and Google Play.

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