February 15, 2016


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to practices, strategies and technologies that an organisation uses to manage and analyze their customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle.

This includes contacts, leads, opportunities, sales and after/cross sales – a CRM system makes this information easily accessible with reporting capabilities that are easy to understand.

Imagine having all the knowledge and information your sales team need at their fingertips to improve customer experience. Now think about how the same knowledge and information can assist your sales team to improve their sales performance.

A CRM system will help you track enquiries through the various stages, it will help you to ensure all customer receive the same experience and it does so with the minimum of fuss in a time and cost effective way – crucial elements for most organisations.

The implementation of these systems has been proved by several key IT industry leaders, for example Gartner and Forrester have noted a marked increased on revenue generation when a company introduces one, isn’t it about time your company thought about one?

How Dotsquares can assist you. Dotsquares has 14+ years experience of providing CRM systems and can help you collate and distribute your vital information effectively to the right people in your organisation (all with the minimum of fuss and the minimum of hassle).


Experts in installation, setup and configuration of:

Dotsquares assures you the Pre-Eminent CRM for the Enterprise…

Please contact us on admin@dotsquares.com or call us for a confidential chat about how a CRM system can improve your business by providing a fantastic customer experience that actually helps you to sell more and retain those hard won (and delighted) customers.

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