November 30, 2023


Numerous content management systems are available for eCommerce development, yet BigCommerce stands out as a leader in delivering an exceptional user experience. While alternatives such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce exist, BigCommerce distinguishes itself with a robust set of user-friendly features and intuitive templates.

As most of our user base is shopping with mobile devices, it is evident that a platform that’s mobile friendly will be more successful than the one where smartphone use is not taken into consideration. You have already secured the winning of half the race with a mobile-friendly CMS for eCommerce business. Maximising your website for a mobile-friendly experience is key to propelling your business to new heights, especially when coupled with well-executed marketing efforts

Why Customised Mobile Templates for BigCommerce

Selecting a template designed for mobile eCommerce brings numerous advantages, allowing your business to thrive without limitations. A well-crafted template not only facilitates seamless growth but also provides a competitive edge. Here are some compelling reasons to opt for customised mobile templates for your BigCommerce store:

Improved Visibility

Utilising a mobile-friendly template enhances the overall visibility of your eStore. BigCommerce SEO-optimised mobile templates contribute to reaching a broader audience organically. This improvement in visibility on search engines translates to genuine exposure for your business.


Opting for a customizable mobile template tailored to your eCommerce business empowers you to add unique touches that align with your brand. This customization allows you to incorporate your brand values and effectively showcase your distinct identity in the competitive marketplace.

User-Friendly Webpage

Mobile-friendly templates for BigCommerce come with an intuitive user experience. These templates are designed with responsive layouts and user-centric approach. While a mobile-friendly template increases the interaction on the website, it also helps in overall conversions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

BigCommerce mobile-friendly templates are SEO optimised. With faster loading, it elevates your presence on the search engine rankings. Many templates come with schema markup and other SEO-friendly features to help index the content on your website.

Adaptability to Business Demands

BigCommerce mobile templates offer valuable support for customising every detail of your online store. Leveraging mobile-friendly templates provides you with the flexibility to make changes to your website according to your preferences. Whether you aim to stay aligned with current trends or implement sales strategies on your store, achieving these adjustments is a straightforward process.

Simplified Scalability

You most probably have only one goal in mind and that is to grow your business. BigCommerce mobile templates are easy to scale. You can expand the design and add new pages and products whenever and however required. These templates are designed to handle heavy traffic with quality performance.

Boosted Sales

Providing a superb user experience and streamlined navigation is a magnet for attracting more customers. By employing a customised template on BigCommerce, you can optimise your business for organic traffic. These templates play a crucial role in facilitating user-friendly browsing, shopping, and seamless purchase experiences for your customers.

Tips On Customised Mobile Templates for BigCommerce

Using customised mobile templates does not only help your online presence but also improves your overall navigation experience. If you want to maximise the impact of your platform, you should work with the mobile templates on BigCommerce using these tips:

  • Clear language and detailed product descriptions are essential to meet your customer demands. The content should be optimised for mobile templates so you can get the best results.
  • All the images and media should be optimised for mobile devices and various screen sizes. It will guarantee that you offer a great experience no matter the device used.
  • With mobile-friendly templates on BigCommerce, catchy and clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons are essential. Using them will help in increasing conversions as you can reach more users paying less for marketing.
  • Once you have used a mobile-friendly template for your BigCommerce store, you should test the performance. Checking it before making your website live will ensure delivery quality across devices.

Get Expert Assistance for Mobile Templates for BigCommerce

By utilising custom-designed mobile templates tailored for mobile devices, you can establish your business as a distinctive brand. BigCommerce provides numerous tools to assist you in this endeavour, enabling you to craft a unique presence in the highly competitive online commerce industry. This strategic use of mobile templates enhances your brand identity and strengthens your position in the market.

Shifting to a mobile-first approach is a key strategy for ensuring the success of your website. As a BigCommerce partner, we offer expertise in creating and implementing custom mobile templates tailored to your business needs. Leveraging the diverse tools and resources available on BigCommerce, our experts can guide you in maximising their potential. Interested in learning more? Contact us to explore how we can enhance your online presence.

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