November 08, 2017


Last night we had the amazing opportunity to join Parker Lee Events, and the team at Fujitsu in achieving a brand new Guinness World Record. The event took place at the BMW museum in Munich as part of this week’s Fujitsu Forum Munich 2017. The theme of this year’s forum is Human Centric Innovation – Digital Co-creation. Fujitsu’s interpretation of this meant bringing together the latest digital technology and expertise, to create new possibilities for business and society.

Dotsquare and Parker Lee Events unite to help Fujitsu obtain World RecordFujitsu’s goal was to illustrate the power of co-creation and the mutually beneficial relationship they have with their customers and their partners. The idea was to run a single video simultaneously across 220 tablets, which collectively would form one screen like a mosaic. As no one had ever attempted this many screens before, Fujitsu enlisted our technical support to make it happen. Through our bespoke app development processes we used their app to run the 220 tablets under one master application on one of the tablets, using the .NET framework. We programmed the master application to include a b algorithm, which segments the video into 220 pieces thus showing different segments of the video simultaneously.

However to achieve the mosaic attendees were encouraged to co-create the main video, when they were all given one or more Fujitsu Stylistic R726 tablets. Together they had to utilise their problem solving skills to correctly identify the precise location of each of the 220 devices on a specially prepared puzzle wall! Once appropriately coordinated the mosaic puzzle showed the Fujitsu Forum image which involved a digital moving landscape featuring a cherry tree which bloomed when given sun light and rain. The imagery itself was a symbol of Fujitsu’s Japanese heritage, where the cherry blossom represents the fragility and beauty of life.

The world record was adjudicated by a Guinness World Record official, but on top of that stupendous achievement the main demonstration of co-creation will be the lasting reminder of how Artificial Intelligence, IoT and other technologies are coming together to transform businesses around the world.


A spokesperson for Fujitsu quoted…

“Dotsquares were firmly part of the team to make this happen from the outset, and provided consultancy plus the rather nifty software which enabled the moving image to be displayed across the tablets simultaneously, without lag. The 220 tablets each had a different part of the moving image, therefore making a mosaic. The hours of work, both onsite in Germany and back office in India paid off, and the Guinness Word Record was achieved. The whole team worked super hard, and put in a LOT of hours to make this very new technology solution work for the environment and the world record challenge. A big thank you to everyone involved!”
– Andrea Clatworthy, Fujitsu UK

From all of us here at Dotsquares we want to congratulate the team at Fujitsu once again on obtaining a Guinness World Record for the Largest Animated Computer Tablet Mosaic, and also letting us be a part of such an iconic occasion!

Fujitsu press release


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