October 18, 2022


Last week was busy in the best way! eCommerce Expo was a great success, with many productive conversations and amazing exhibitors from every possible aspect of eCommerce.

As part of our participation, Dotsquares was very excited to receive an award from the eCommerce Awards 2022 in the Best eCommerce Agency section. It’s always great to be recognised, especially by your peers at an important business show.

This is a fantastic recognition of the hard work everyone has put in over the last 20 years. From the excellent analysis we go through with clients to really focus on their requirements to client communications from the Development Teams to ensure transparency and provide regular updates. Each member of the Dotsquares Team has a vital part to play in the organisation’s success. It’s how everyone pulls together that makes that success and it really shows in the ways we have helped our clients to grow themselves.

It’s a testament to all of our clients who we are able to support, along with our valuable Partners such as Shopify, Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce and others who help us to provide the solutions that we do. Dotsquares has over 20 years’ experience of providing solutions to clients in many different eCommerce technologies, and can take things to the next level by employing Internet of Things (IoT) to control, vital elements such as logistics and inventory management.

Dotsquares has been at the vanguard of a lot of the new technologies, such as store based beacons to recognise users and direct them to their favourite in store offers and purchases. We’ve got a lot of experience in working with the different digital channels and their respective payment options, and of course have been working with cryptocurrencies since their inception.

With any ecommerce system comes the question of Marketing. Dotsquares has industry professionals who can work with you to identify and consolidate your optimum markets, reaching out to them through a number of different channels with fantastic campaigns and content.

Dotsquares can also provide cloud or dedicated hosting infrastructure and services, maintaining your system to ensure peak operability and minimise any downtime to ensure customers can always reach you.

In all Dotsquares has been providing a great service designing, building, maintaining, hosting and promoting your eCommerce site, helping you scale up and achieve growth targets.

These awards show that our reputation is growing ever larger, borne from the fantastic work we are doing with our clients. You can find more about Dotsquares and the solutions provided across different industries by visiting

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