February 11, 2022


We are proud to announce Dotsquares joined Bridge India as Corporate Member!

Bridge India is a non-profit think tank dedicated to discourse on public policy. As they explain, "‘India Story’ abroad is often presented through a narrow lens, be it focusing only on business and the economy, society or policy landscape. Given its diversity, everything about India, and its opposite, is true in unison. Bridge India seeks to highlight and celebrate this nuance, to help India-watchers understand India better."

Their vision? Through their work, Bridge India proactively presents a vision and narrative for engagement with India that engages young diaspora and policy makers.

(Photo source: Bridge India)

How do they do that? Bridge India provides a space for broad and open-minded debate, with the focus on improving engagement between India-watchers and India. It’s also an independent platform for discourse on public policy engaged across the policy spectrum. By facilitating Member debate, conducting research and seminars, Bridge India truly creates a room for conversation and draws conclusions from it. It's a platform which brings together leading thinkers and diverse stakeholders in a unique manner that sets agendas and provides room to explore ideas, and we are so excited to be part of it!

(Photo source: Bridge India)

The opportunity to work with Bridge India and support their great mission is what we truly believe in. To find out more about this important initiative, click here.