December 13, 2016


In the world we live in, we find ourselves having to share our confidential data on almost a daily basis. Whether you’re banking online, shopping online or simply putting in an enquiry, there will usually be someone somewhere trying to hack into your security system to steal that data. Here at Dotsquares we can provide comprehensive application security and testing from the start to the end of the project, to give you piece of mind that your product is in great hands. A great example of what we can provide for you has been demonstrated by the successful launch of the Individual Restaurant’s mobile app.


Dotsquares can help reduce the risk of product security vulnerabilityIndividual Restaurants is a leading restaurant company in the UK. Its restaurant’s include Piccolino, The Restaurant Bar & Grill, Bank Restaurant & Bar, Opera Grill and Gino D’Acampo My Restaurants. Individual Restaurants have a loyalty programme that offers lifestyle services and benefits called “Club Individual”. The programme currently caters for over 700,000 people, with an average of 2,500 new members joining each week.


In recent months Dotsquares helped the team at Individual Restaurants create a mobile app that reinvented their customer experience. From the app guests can reserve and pay for their meals via their smart phones and also access valuable content such as recipes, podcasts and blogs.

As the app integrates with many of Individual Restaurants back end systems, they wanted to make sure that the app security was completely infallible. By using IBM Application Security on Cloud to perform comprehensive testing, the service can instantly detect security liabilities and provides detailed reports that summarise these liabilities, along with potential risks and best practises to prevent security failure.


“I’ve been absolutely blown away with the level of detail and the recommendations the solution provides. We’re constantly re-uploading our app as we make changes and finding new things from the changes. It’s definitely a brilliant product.” – Adam Purslow, IT Director, Individual Restaurants

Although the development work is performed in our development centres in Jaipur India, the databases that support the app are hosted in Individual Restaurant’s UK data centre. By performing application testing in the IBM Cloud Individual Restaurants were able to streamline their application testing.


“We liked IBM’s approach because it’s checking every line of code as you build the app. You can upload as many times as you want to make sure that you’ve got perfect code. IBM Application Security on Cloud is doing what it needs to do and giving us a 60-page report within a day.” – Adam Purslow, IT Director, Individual Restaurants

  As Individual Restaurants integrated their application testing from the beginning of the development it saved hours in development in time, so much so that it was completed on schedule in less than four months.


“The product has paid for itself already because we were able to do both development and testing at the same time. It also saves us money in the long term because once the product is released we can be confident that we don’t have to fix vulnerabilities after we’ve deployed.” – Adam Purslow, IT Director, Individual Restaurants

Thanks to the new app Individual Restaurants are hoping to see at least a 10 percent increase in loyalty customer transactions, meaning a potential profit of approximately £10 million in increased revenue.

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