January 07, 2016


Security Concerns Safe with a DotSquares Bucket

Hackers are always on the lookout for security holes in systems. Even up to date antivirus and anti-spyware software lose their effectiveness over time as new threats for them to deal with are revealed. That is why it is so important to keep your site’s software up to date at all times. In recent weeks and months there has been more and more in the media, and from our technology partner Gartner, about web security and site’s being attacked for customer details. From the biggest site to the smallest, security should still be high on your agenda.

Many sites are built using WordPress,Drupal,Joomla,Magento and other technologies. Some sites are built using a conventional Content Management System (CMS) which gives great flexibility but can also be used as a “back door” into the site for hackers. If the CMS is not kept up to date or the versions of the underlying technology (such as PHP) are not the latest versions then you may potentially be vulnerable.


Prevention is Better than Cure

Think of new versions of these CMS. In the new versions the well-known vulnerabilities will mostly be resolved. But older versions will need updating to reflect this. Besides using the most up to date versions could increase speed and reliability too. When you receive an update alert in the future, don’t ignore it, act on it!

At Dotsquares we have advance warning from suppliers of the popular CMS that changes are being made and security updates, patches and resolutions are about to be supplied. We are constantly thinking about these issues so our clients don’t have to.

To make it really simple why not book one of our Bucket Models (Models D & E) and we can perform these upgrades to your site and simply deduct the hours used, which will then be reflected in your DS Projects account for your project. We can advise when the updates are coming and provide the work. And you can be secure in the knowledge that your site will be safe and not attract unwanted attention.

It’s an easy way to ensure that you are constantly up to date with these vital updates and that you are not left with a broken site that loses income due to a malicious attack.

Have a great New Year 2016 and let’s make sure together that your online presence is a safe and secure one for you and your customers!

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