March 26, 2018


The education system plays a vital part in moulding the future of the next generation. Those who have children know how important it is to guide your young ones through the learning process, and stay up to date with how they are progressing.

Over the past decade more and more institutions have turned to digital techniques to enhance the learning potential of their students, whilst also keeping education fun and interactive. Here at Dotsquares we understood the need to have all round communication when it comes to e-learning, which is why we came up with an application called ScooTalks. The principle of the app is to better connect schools and teachers with parents and their children.

Dotsquares’ SCOONEWS receives national accreditation as one of the best Startups amongst 700 others in the education system


Can broadcast news to parents, teachers and students about current news or any updates they want people to know about. This can be anything from after school activities to what’s on the dinner menu for the week. The purpose for all schools to use the app is to streamline communication and improve academic results.


Teachers can use the app to send updates about their lessons or classroom details to both the parents and students. It’s also extremely useful for other teachers to stay connected with one another when it comes to the students.


Parents can utilise ScooTalks to receive instant updates from the school and the teachers. This gives each parent the opportunity to learn more about what’s going on with their children and their education. It also helps them keep updated with any news or particular announcements that they should be aware of.


Whilst students can use the app on the same premise as their parents, they can also utilise ScooTalks to receive their assignments, and stay up to date with their homework. As an additional incentive they can enter educational contests with one another to win prizes, whilst also learning at the same time.

Trusted by top schools, parents and teachers there are currently around 105,169 users currently using ScooTalks to stay connected.

Taking the application to further heights our experts here at Dotsquares created an additional platform called ScooNews, which is known as India’s most preferred school news network. Last week ScooNews was commemorated for being one of the top start-ups of Rajasthan out of 700, during last week’s IT Day celebration. With a Qrate score of 88 they were presented with the Gold Qrate card.

We couldn’t be more proud of our team’s achievements and wish them all the best as they continue to provide support to the education and e-learning industry, with their unique concept!

Dotsquares’ SCOONEWS receives national accreditation as one of the best Startups amongst 700 others in the education system

If you would like to hear more about ScooNews or you are interested in introducing ScooTalks into your education system, then contact one of our experts today on 0845 504 0721 and request a demo.

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