August 26, 2015


The SEO Experts bring success to the company by excelling in Google Analytics New Interface certification with excellent percentiles in First attempts only! No sooner did Google revise its Google Analytics platform in December of 2011 than Dotsquares called up for upgrading its SEO technocrats by attempting the Google Analytics New Interface certification. A proper & planned step-by-step preparation within a short span of 20 days, from the latest conversion university notes let the aspirants surpass the required passing limit of 80% & crack the certification exam with excellent percentiles & now, with three Google Analytics (GA) New Interface Certifications & Upgraded SEO Experts – Ashish Nandan, Anju Gupta & Divya Kumar ( 85 %, 88 % and 91 %, respectively) it’s really a good start for the year for Dotsquares. This is a notable achievement by the SEO guys as the experts cleared the GA certifications with flying colors for the new Interface which was recently launched in mid of December 2011. The SEO experts have again brought great success to the company by grabbing three Google Analytics Certifications for the advanced Interface, shortly after its launch. Significantly, all the three SEO’s were successful in clearing the Google exam with exceptional scores in first attempts. In aim of providing improvised SEO services to the clients, the company encouraged SEO experts for upgrading their GA certifications. Several study sessions of the Google Analytics New Interface undertaken by the SEO experts have imparted them in a depth of knowledge about the revised tool. Thereby, adding to their potential of tracking, analyzing & optimizing a website or any other online entity using the upraised Google analytics provision. The SEO Team is elated with the achievements. This is yet another proven way of providing accomplished & high quality SEO services to the clients. Time & again, Team Dotsquares have done all possible efforts for appending their skill sets according to the current working trends & technologies. Frequent knowledge transfer sessions like, seminars, presentations & Group discussions are held within the organization for bettering the way of working & standards of services. All in all, the Dotsquares experts are proficient to attain perfection and know How to stay ahead of the competition in the IT Outsourcing Industry! This success achieved in upgrading the Google Analytics New Interface Certification is a small yet applaudable effort by the SEO team for “ Doing things in a better Way “ ! Google Analytics Certificate Ashish NandanGoogle Analytics Certificate DivyaGoogle Analytics Certificate Anju

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