July 06, 2023


Dotsquares recently had a great pleasure to join Yext at their Breakfast Briefing networking event at the iconic Barbican Conservatory in London. The event provided a unique and exciting opportunity to delve deeper into the world of AI and its profound impact on various technologies we rely on, as well as its transformative role in customer service and digital presence for businesses.

The day began with a series of captivating talks from esteemed speakers who shared their expertise and insights. Marc Ferrentino, the President & Chief Operating Officer of Yext, took the stage to discuss the future of AI and how it is shaping the landscape of technology. His forward-thinking approach stimulated thought-provoking discussions among attendees.

Andrew V. Sanchez, a Product Manager at Yext, showcased the much-anticipated Yext Summer 23 Release. He unveiled a range of exciting new features that are set to revolutionise the way businesses optimise their digital presence with their product.

One of the highlights of the event was a dynamic panel discussion led by the charismatic Charli Rogers, where experts and industry leaders shared their thoughts on AI implementation and its potential impact on businesses. The panel discussion inspired attendees to explore new strategies and possibilities in their own organisations.

Following the sessions, we were treated to an amazing brunch surrounded by the stunning Barbican Conservatory. As guests indulged in delectable dishes, the atmosphere was very positive and full of networking and vibrant conversations.

The Yext team once again demonstrated their commitment to delivering exceptional events that foster collaboration and innovation. Their dedication to customer-centric approaches and meaningful partnerships was evident throughout the day. We felt privileged to be part of such an inspiring community!

As the event drew to a close, attendees left with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and a deeper understanding of how AI can shape and enhance businesses in an increasingly digital world. The Yext Breakfast Briefing proved to be yet another testament to the company's commitment to excellence and innovation. We feel honoured to be partnering with Yext on technology implementations.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Yext team for organising an exceptional event that left us inspired and excited about the future possibilities of AI. We look forward to continued collaboration and the pursuit of shared success as we navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape together.

We make sure to nurture the best relationships and discover new opportunities with events like these. A seminar on AI and its application in the modern world also included a presentation on the consequences of AI and how it might impact the technological world.

With three representatives from different leading tech companies including Dotsquares, Yext had a panel discussion about how they are using AI to the fullest and what they are planning for the future in the field of AI. Yext is also releasing its features-packed AI product in the summer which will help them enhance their name in the technology market.

The Dotsquares team had a great time at the morning discussion at the Barbican Conservatory where professionals shared their insightful opinions on the advancement of AI in business processes. We also discussed the possibilities of collaboration and partnerships with Yext to help businesses make the most of the rapidly evolving AI era.

We were able to get a variety of opinions on the transformative potential of AI and the future of digital experiences from a panel of industry experts. This morning's meetup was a step in the direction of our goal of providing our clients with the latest trends and advancements in creative development and modern technology. With the newfound knowledge, we are positive that we will be able to navigate an ever-changing environment and improve our processes.

Yext AI products are currently in development, and some partners have already started using them. It can support customer service efforts and give users the best platform possible. Our team got to know how businesses can enhance their digital presence and utilise AI capabilities with Yext products.

We were briefed about the AI advancements by great minds like Marc Ferrentino (President & Chief Operating Officer) and Andrew V. Sanchez (Product Manager). They introduced the Yext 23 release with new features with a great panel led by Charlie Rodgers, topped with a great commentary from Nico Beukes.

We are proud to partner with a customer-centric organisation and make an impact on businesses with the help of AI and other latest trends. The Dotsquares Team wants to say a huge thank you to Yext for inviting us over for an insightful event focused on AI development. We also want to express our gratitude to each and every representative from the various businesses present during the breakfast event and are improving technology.

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