November 04, 2022


Drupal is one of the most popular website content management systems. Regular updates and development, as well as the creation of newer versions, are all part of the natural cycle in the life of any software. We have brought it up because the 10th version of the Drupal system is on its way.

Unlock New Possibilities with Drupal 10

Drupal 10 is all set to be released on December 14, 2022, and we are extremely delighted to share it with our audience. Now that the release date has been announced, we must all be aware of the new advancements it will bring to the table.

Undoubtedly, the developers have worked tirelessly to meet the Drupal 10 release date, requirements, and strategic goals. The community has diligently removed deprecated code and unnecessary dependencies.

Drupal 10 is trailing Drupal 9 due to the advancement of third-party components such as PHP, Composer, CKEditor, and Symfony—one of Drupal's most important dependencies. The most recent major migration was simple because Drupal 9 was built within Drupal 8. This transition will be just as easy because Drupal 10 will be the refined version of Drupal 9.

Facilitate Advanced Web Development With Innovative Features

There are new features that have been included in the 10th version of Drupal. So, let's glimpse at some amazing features that Drupal 10 will offer us for a better experience.

Claro Administration Theme

Drupal 10 was designed in accordance with the most current standards and has been adapted to utilise the new versions of this CMS fully. The Claro theme will take the place of the tired Seven themes, designed in 2009 for Drupal 7 and moderately updated in Drupal 8. This was discouraging for the new users as it gave them the impression of an out-of-date system.

Front End Theme Olivero

Olivero's out-of-the-box solution for new and existing Drupal websites offers a crisp and clean style that embodies a modern approach to web design. After much trialling and testing, Olivero will be the default theme for Drupal 10. The winning feature of this default theme, however, isn't just about being aesthetic. It is the most accessible Drupal theme with full WCAG AA compliance. Also, it has a modern appearance and is currently available as a stable theme in Drupal 9, so you can use it immediately.

CKEditor Version 5

The most important prerequisite for Drupal 10 is the integration with CKEditor version 5. It is supported as an experimental module in Drupal 9.3 but has yet to be stable. Moreover, with user-friendliness and great UX, CKEditor is also great for site builders and has an amazing framework for developers to customise and build upon. CKEditor 5 tend to include a robust API, allowing for extensive expansion and integration with modern technologies such as Angular, React, and others. The new WYSIWYG editor will be another significant change in Drupal 10.

Decoupled Menus

Drupal is on its way to becoming a headless CMS. One of the most significant changes in this update will be the addition of decoupled menus. This feature will allow you to update the menu from the administration panel easily. It can help you create various ways for JavaScript front-ends to use Drupal website menus. This is currently a contributed module, but it will be integrated into the core in the future. Drupal 10 will definitely include additional solutions to implement the decoupling strategy.

New Starterkit Theme

The approach to template development will be different than in Drupal 8 or 9 because of the new starterkit theme. Generating a clean template as a starting point for building the theme can enhance the experience. It's a paradigm shift in Drupal theming. You must know that the themes could be a starting point for front-end developers. It is critical to understand that the changes to the starter kit will not affect the production themes for the time being.

Updated Third Party Software

jQuery UI: Drupal 10 will also include updated JavaScript components that will replace jQuery UI. Changes to the JavaScript included with the core will make it more secure and easier to maintain. Drupal 10 is built on PHP 8, as PHP 7 will most probably be phased out by November 2022. It will also be incompatible with Internet Explorer 11. Modern JavaScript components could eventually replace the jQuery UI.

Symfony: Drupal heavily relies on the Symfony framework. It has been the primary driver of Drupal since version 8. Drupal 9 relies on Symfony version 4, which will be decommissioned in November 2022. So, it appears that the Drupal 9 to Drupal 10 upgrade will skip a Symfony version (Symfony 4 to 6). Symfony 6.2 will be released just in time for Drupal 10 and will include many modern features that developers will appreciate.

PHP 8.1: The Drupal project team has decided to raise the PHP requirement in Drupal 10 to PHP 8.1. Symfony 6.2 will require PHP 8.1, thus the dependency as well. Since PHP 8.1 is a significant upgrade to the language, it includes several new features that developers will find useful, including enums, first-class callable syntax, read-only properties etc. It has enabled Drupal 10 to use tools that will improve performance and ongoing growth. So the upgrade to PHP 8.1 is noteworthy.

Orchestrate Seamless Website Migration

Drupal 10 clears the way for additional Drupal improvements in the coming months and years. Keeping Drupal up to date with the latest, fastest, and most secure open-source libraries tend to allow Drupal developers to innovate and bring new features to Drupal constantly. Drupal has adapted to a flexible update schedule and simpler migration procedures, so businesses are less likely to hesitate to make that change.

As the digital landscape evolves, the need for organisations (and their CMSs) to keep up with consumer demand grows. Drupal 10 is embracing the future with headless and Progressive Web apps (PWA), decoupled CMS capabilities, and GraphQL modules.

Are you as thrilled as we are about Drupal 10?

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