September 19, 2022


The release of Drupal 9 has finally occurred, as everyone had hoped. In the contemporary world, enhancing website performance is crucial for increasing customer happiness and search engine rankings. So, it has been imperative for organisations to move toward Drupal 9 as it helps build websites that can create a better user experience.

Drupal is an open-source content management system that enables you to build any type of robust website, including corporate, educational, and eCommerce sites. Installing the appropriate Drupal 9 modules can manage some major surface-level difficulties with your Drupal websites.

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Here's a handy list of the must-have Drupal 9 modules!

  • Admin Toolbar Module - The Drupal module enables you to enhance the administration menu at the top of your website and convert it into a dropdown menu. The module includes several submodules, including the Admin Toolbar Search for a search box, the Admin Toolbar Extra Tools for links, and the Admin Toolbar Links Access Filter for the accurate presentation of links. Without the module, working with the content sections effectively is difficult to envision as it offers a practical dropdown menu that enables editors to navigate the Drupal admin panel easily.
  • Paragraphs Module - The module tends to allow the site builders to make things cleaner and allow content authors to create flexible and structured content quickly. Anything you choose can be a paragraph type, from a text or image block to a responsive and customizable slideshow. There are various paragraph field types, including photographs, text blocks, quotes, slideshows, videos, and much more. Moreover, you can also do private CSS coding and add a custom options box.
  • Meta Tag - To increase your website's visibility in search engines, you can use the Metatag module to automatically supply structured metadata or metatags for every webpage. You can get widely used meta tags, including the page title, description, canonical URL, etc., supported by the module. Also, it lets you decide how the content will appear when shared on social media. It is one of the best Drupal 9 modules that can enhance the online presence of your business. The module will help search engines and users discover your content easily.
  • Devel Module - Developers and site administrators will find the Drupal Devel module a highly useful tool. The module is greatly used for testing purposes due to its ability to produce content for nodes, comments, users, and different entities. Additionally, it enables programmers to troubleshoot any node access issues. WebProfiler is a submodule that tends to allow the page footers to be added on each page. The site administrators can get basic analytics from Webprofiler about resource usage, database queries, and caching capabilities. Also, the Devel module generates dummy content and permits PHP code execution inside the webpage.
  • Twig Tweak Module - The module is best suited for developers that tend to work with intricate twig templates. It offers a variety of filters and functions that will not only make creation easier but also enhance the development experience. Developers can write well-organised and understandable code. Twig Tweak is a small Drupal module that offers a Twig extension with helpful functions and filters. The Twig Tweak modules allow you to render views, blocks, regions, entities, fields, menus, forms, tokens, and more.
  • Webform Module - The module is known to be one of the most important and functional Drupal 9 modules. It is a powerful form builder that is easily customizable and extendable. With the help of the Webform module, you may create a form to gather any kind of data, which can then be submitted to an application or system. This data can also be exported to spreadsheets for additional examination. Nowadays, it has become essential for websites to have a contact form, survey form, or feedback form that helps online businesses interact with users.
  • Simple XML Sitemap - Every website requires an automatic XML sitemap generator for SEO. The modules tend to create a multilingual sitemap for entities, custom links, and views. It adheres to the new Google standards and enables you to create multiple custom sitemaps through sitemap generator plugins. Additionally, the Drupal module provides access to the visitors to the XSL stylesheets and automatic submission to search engines.
  • Pathauto - The modules allow you to define patterns for your content as you create it. Site administrators can create user-friendly URL aliases for many types of content using the Drupal Pathauto module. These accessible URLs are crucial for the ranking of SEO. We can undoubtedly conclude that without Drupal Pathauto, building a URL structure takes time and is prone to mistakes. It is one of the useful modules of Drupal 9.
  • GraphQL - A contemporary querying language called GraphQL has replaced outdated ones (like REST) for interacting with APIs. The module is considered to be faster and only displays the results you are looking for. The Drupal GraphQL module allows your Drupal websites to generate GraphQL schemas. With various data producer plugins and custom code, you can design your schema using this module as a base. The data in your API is completely and clearly described by GraphQL.
  • Google Analytics - The Drupal Google Analytics module integrates the Google analytics tracking system with your website, which is extremely essential for the growth of your online business. With the help of Google Analytics, you can learn more about your customers to improve your marketing initiatives, content strategy, products and services. All Google Analytics features can be accessed and integrated with your website using this Drupal module. It supports domain tracking, user tracking, tracking tracked links, downloading files, site search, Adsense support, and much more. Google uses machine learning to analyse the behaviour of your website and app visitors.

Final Thoughts

It is advisable to constantly improve your website by making it more functional and convenient for you and your visitors. The various modules contributed by Drupal's open-source community extend and enhance the functionality of a Drupal website. Making the right Drupal 9 module selection that does exactly what you want could be daunting.

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