November 17, 2016


Is a free open source Content Management System (CMS) framework written in PHP, and is largely used for back end development. It’s expandable and user friendly, which is why it can be popular choice in the IT industry. Our Drupal development services consist of module building, adding new features to an existing Drupal site and building custom sites using the Drupal framework. Our expert developers here at Dotsquares use advanced theme methods to customise and change the layout of individual pages, content types, views and the website itself. We can create dynamic responses to user actions and build limitless templates and sub themes per your preference. Drupal’s responsive design utilises the same design code so the website can be viewed seamlessly across all devices. Using Drupal’s responsive design creates optimised browsing and navigation, improved page loading time, dynamic changes to block and column layouts, as well as resizing and replacing of images. With our hosting services you can install Drupal websites with one click on an automatic installer, it’s that simple! Our Drupal hosting provides optimised plans and features which can drastically enhance your website’s performance. We use GIT from bit bucket to form our code and manage the development and live environments. We can also do upgrades such as Drupal 6, 7 and 8, whilst upgrading the core modules. Our specialists can migrate data without losing any records from any framework to Drupal with advanced script techniques. By using industry standards procedures we can stop cross scripting and spamming utilising captcha, CSRF tokens and honey pot programming. Once migration is complete we will deploy our testing practises to ensure the functionality of your new Drupal site. With Drupal development comes Drupal SEO services, and our specialist team can provide optimal SEO services at an enterprise level. You can expect validation of CCS and HTML, support for multiple languages, analytics and avoidance of content duplication through proper re-directing of URLS. DRUPAL – THE DYNAMIC & RESPONSIVE CMS SOLUTION

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