September 19, 2016


One of the greatest mobile App developments that both you and your children can use. Within the digital sector technology has massively evolved to make mobile applications more efficient to use within our busy lifestyles. You can pretty much do anything on the move now from social media to internet shopping and even online banking. However, most mobile apps have now become so easy to access that anyone can open them including children, thus arising a big problem. So how can we safeguard them from the content that we do not wish them to see? Well the mobile App experts here at Dotsquares have created a mobile app called the DS Launcher, that enables parents the opportunities to restrict what your child/children can see on your phone and tablet. The way it works it that you as a parent can select which apps you deem appropriate for your child/children, add them into DS Launcher, and then they will only have access to what you would like them to see. This safeguards them from anything explicit or potentially harmful, and it also gives you peace of mind that any account and data information on your phones protected. In fact to even be able to close DS Launcher a password is requested that only you as the parent can set from the control panel. The DS Launcher has been designed to provide easy child navigation and a happening user interface. After all we want them to grow with the knowledge of how to use modern day technology, but also to curb and nurture their learning skills that could be handy in everyday situations. Another great feature is that when you as the parent select what apps to include on the DS Launcher, you can also add images and videos per your choice. This truly is a great way to protect your children from potentially harmful content, and also keeps your privacy to the optimum with peace of mind that any important data cannot be deleted! Should you wish to try the app yourself, then click the link below where you can find out more information and also download it. ds_launcherds_launcherds_launcher age-uk-poster-image DS LAUNCHER

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