August 31, 2016


Creating the optimal shopping solution for you and your customers!

After the great recession in 2008 – 2009 within the UK, almost all face to face shopping reduced to a halt. As the years went on and the pace of life was on the increase, people were turning to more cost effective and convenient ways to shop. Due to this, online trading is now one of the most popular ways to shop, you can fit it around your lifestyle and thanks to mobile apps, as you can also now do it on the move.

Now internet trading is on the increase, market traders are now in a competitive race against one another to provide the ultimate and overall customer satisfaction. With that said, Electric Commerce (E- Commerce) web solutions are now one of the most sought after solutions in the IT world.

You need a team of experts to create the ultimate and most efficient shopping experience regardless of what it is you intend to sell.The easier the process for clients, the more likely it is that you will give them overall customer satisfaction and will consolidate their clientele.

Dotsquares have had 14 years of experience building e-commerce trading solutions like no other. Our elite team of specialists with our supreme expertise can develop a vast range of E-Commerce Shopping Cart Applications, E- Commerce Store Front & Custom, and E-Commerce Shopping Cart Solutions that will be tailor made to your requirements. We offer additional support in all e-commerce solutions such as Payment Gateway Integration, (this allows the authorisation of online payments, and assists important information like credit card numbers to remain secure as they pass from customer to merchant) and a guarantee of optimal online security (a built in Secure Socket Layer to assure all your visitors that your site is secure).

Paypal, Worldpay, Google Checkout, Protx and Secpay are just some of the payment gateway integrations that we can help you with.

Dotsquares has a huge portfolio of e-commerce clientele and one of these clients is Get Laid Beds. The website allows you to purchase a wide variety of beds from wooden to upholstered. They also sell outdoor beds, mattresses, bedding and accessories, all of which are hand made in the UK but are shipped worldwide.

So as you can see, without e-commerce solutions, online trading would not be as successful or as straight forward as it is today.


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