March 08, 2018


In this world, we have been exposed to all sorts of convenient technology, but it is a rarity that we see a tech-solution that could literally save lives. This life-saving innovation is known as Electric Skin.

So what is Electric skin and how can this change our lives?

Recently the University of Tokyo has produced a rather unusual sounding invention with the purpose of attaching it on to your skin. Using LED sensors the Electric skin can pick up readings the body gives off, which can then be sent to a phone or the cloud in order to better inform healthcare professionals, of how healthy you are. So there is no need to worry, its purpose is not to replace the organic skin we already have.

An example of how it can track one’s health is through the cardiogram function, which can accurately monitor how healthy your heart is by appearing as a heart rate animation, on the Electric Skin itself.

Experts like to show off how compact their technology is, which is understandable as it is fascinating to see how far technology has come since the days of bulky computers and phones. One of the most impressive things about this new piece of technology is that it is only one millimetre thick.

The reason it’s so thin is that it can be malleable and accurate without being invasive, like some health assessments can be to date. As an added benefit it can be worn comfortably by anyone. It’s important to note this technology has been aimed towards the older generation, who would be able to show clear signs of their symptoms via the Electric Skin concept.

It’s not just Japanese scientists who are trying to revolutionise medicine using technology. Apple has also recently started to invest in the healthcare industry with their ‘AC Wellness’ health clinics. This investment is intended to protect the healthcare of their employees and their employee’s families, however, Apple has expressed their ambitions to redefine medicine. They have said how they plan to prioritise preventing illness with “new methods of care delivery using technology” which is encouraging to hear.

We have seen that Apple has previously shown an interest in the health industry with their Apple Watch, which focuses on physical health with functions like ‘Activity’ and ‘Nutrition’, but also mental health such as ‘Sleep’ and ‘Mindfulness’ to keep its customers healthy and happy. This demonstrates that technology companies are taking health seriously. So 2018 is really shaping up to be the year of tech-enabled medical achievements, especially if Japan and Apple carry on the way they are going meaning we can all be optimistic for the future; for a world of health and technological prosperity.

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