October 12, 2016


As if it wasn’t enough to be the largest Social Media platform in the world for networking, picture/video sharing, advertising, messaging and so much more, Facebook has now released its latest mobile app revelation Facebook Workplace. The $350 billion Corporation has been working on the App for more than a year now, and it was finally released on Monday to the public.

The product has been designed purely for workplace communication and company collaborations. Due to this it has been compared against other competitors within the industry like Sharepoint, and has been identified to be in direct competition with communication archiving service Slack. However current circumstances show that between both paid corporations, Facebook Workplace figures out cheaper per user.

The app was created after the team at Facebook wanted to connect co-workers the same way it did with friends and family. Since the release over 1,000 organizations around the work use Facebook Workplace with it being most popular in India, USA, Norway, France and of course the UK!

The Workplace app is very similar to that of Facebook itself, after all this is where the inspiration was born. Features include:

The App has also been created so that companies can efficiently integrate Facebook Workplace with their existing IT systems. With company collaborations in mind, Multi-Company Groups provide shared spaces to allow employees from different companies to work together. Just some of the organisations currently embracing Facebook Workplace are the likes of Danone, Booking.com, Starbucks, YES Bank, Oxfam. With Facebook currently on the path to digital domination who knows what they will think of next!

Facebook’s one step closer to Digital Domination

Here at Dotsquares we have our very own version of Facebook Workplace called Project Status, which can be customised per your needs and desires.

Features Include:

Facebook’s one step closer to Digital Domination Another great fact about Project Status is that the Basic Package is free, unlike Facebook Workplace and Slack! Click the link below to find out more. http://www.projectstatus.co.uk/

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