October 26, 2018


Despite Augmented Reality (AR) being a seemingly new phenomenon, the term has been around for decades. In 1968 Ivan Sutherland created the first head mounted display which paved the way for the advanced technology, which is changing the functionality of the business world today. It was only in the year 2000 that the first AR game was launched, and now a mere eighteen years later, we have the potential to experience events during the planning process, try on clothes and fit furniture without even having to leave the confinements of our home. By taking data from the physical world and implementing it into one within our phone screens, digital tools enable us to combine these contrasting elements and create experiences that go beyond that of which we can physically encounter.


Organisations are increasingly turning to AR technology to better connect with their current clients and consumers, as well as generate new business through the use of such innovations. However, with a rise in popularity of working remotely, it is essential that all teams can come together from any location and still promote the crucial intimacy of face-to-face connections, in order to work with the best possible efficiency. For years we have become accustomed to the accessibility of video calling and conversing with others from across the globe, however this method lacks the understanding and emotion that AR can bring to life. This new-age technology can not only give you access to the image and audio of applications such as Facetime and Skype, it encompasses a variety of elements designed to bridge the gap between digital experience and physical space.

FROM SCIENCE FICTION TO THE NEWEST TECH PHENOMENON: HOW AR IS ADVANCING THE BUSINESS SECTORNot only does Augmented Reality have the potential to bring together colleagues and customers alike to achieve an exceptional working relationship, it also has the ability to transform a concept from any business sector and bring it to life, in a captivating and engaging way. Whilst the age of leaflets and brochures is coming to an end as we progress further into the midst of this digital revolution, we believe the information any company looks to provide is essential and we pride ourselves in enabling a variety of businesses to portray their ideas and innovations, in a way that will fully encompass their vision and get them the best possible ROI. Our Dotsqsuares team has created an app that combines our key features and functionalities with the images of various Dotsquares icons, allowing all customers to envisage the endless possibilities our vast range of services can provide.

Whilst still being new to the mainstream tech market, Augmented Reality apps, such as AR Dotsquares, are already beginning to change the face of marketing and sales as well as providing convenience and ease to all from many viewpoints. The advantages are endless and with the unique blend of your business expertise, and our expert knowledge in the world of digital innovation, we are sure to see an immense growth in the popularity of this technology.

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