October 11, 2018


It seems that big brands in the tech world are seeing the possibility for greatness in unconventional places by investing in small causes that have big potential. Every business has to start somewhere and even the biggest money makers currently in this industry were once small businesses competing with more powerful players. So these businesses are fully aware that the next generation of tech experts will need some help along the way, such as Fujitsu whose putting in place a way to prepare people for the world of cybersecurity.

We have talked about powerful people backing small start-ups, the University of Singapore for example. But rather than straightforward investing, putting money behind a smaller company, Fujitsu is instead spending their time and money on teaching individual young people between the ages of 14 and 19, as opposed to the University of Singapore’s idea of taking on a variety of start-ups.


Fujitsu have chosen to invest in University Technical Colleges, known to many as UTC’s, across England. Fujitsu, similar to the University of Singapore, have also set a goal, Fujitsu wants to get 500 students a year to get cyber security skills.

As well as its primary aim of teaching people to become competent workers in the cybersecurity industry, the Fujitsu funded UTC’s also aim to provide equal opportunities for young people as a whole, particularly underrespresented  groups in the tech industry such as women.

Fujitsu are specifically focusing on cybersecurity above other issues in the tech world because, as I am sure we are all aware by now, thanks to the rapid growth and development of new technology there are subsequently more chances of this new technology being preyed upon by hackers and various other troublemaking individuals online. Rob Norris explains Fujitsu’s view of cybersecurity speaking on behalf of the company as Fujitsu’s Vice President of cybersecurity and enterprise “The security landscape is seeing exponential growth with attack techniques and sectors changing at an alarming rate”.

But will this investment be worth it for Fujitsu? Even if it is not a profitable investment for Fujitsu directly, if they are responsible for a new wave of cybersecurity experts, it will be beneficial to the industry that Fujitsu is part of. So although this is a business move, it is still a very thoughtful decision because ultimately if there are more people to stop the various ill-intentioned people that lurk online then the internet becomes a much safer place for everyone.




Rob Norris’s quote


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