January 27, 2017


It’s safe to say that when you look back 30 years ago, technology has drastically evolved, and with technical experts continually pushing the boundaries, we are now at a stage of life where we are reaching a new era of digital technology!

As it stands IoT (Internet of Things) and AI are taking the digital world by storm, and we are physically benefitting from smart devices in all aspects of our lives. The most commonly used smart devices for the last 10 years have been mobile phones, but now we are seeing smart devices within our homes. Devices like the Amazon Echo can perform simple tasks all with voice recognition, whilst applications like the iPhone Home App allows you to control all Homekit accessories, such as turning off the lights and seeing who’s at the door. As for AI we already have an established presence of “dumb AI” as the experts would call it, like robots that are limited with cognitive experience on human interaction.

However with the succession of such smart devices, the IoT and AI market is now booming, with thousands of organisations competing to bring us the next big thing! Some companies such as IBM, have gone as far as to actually making specific predictions on just how far AI will go.


  • AI will be able to process speech patterns so efficiently that it will be able to understand the changes in our mental state, which will increase their abilities and cognitive experience.
  • AI will allow humans to have superhero vision through responsive lenses, which means we will be able to see things that our normal site would not normally allow.
  • Using the data from the thousands of satellites orbiting the earth, will be combined to become more efficient and precise, and hopefully better predictive than ever before.
  • Labs on a chip – small devices that will be able to fit into the palm of your hand and can diagnose a range of illnesses and conditions.
  • Smart sensors that detect poisonous gas leaks, temperature changes or damage will be able to fix the problems all by themselves, without the aid of human input.

So as you can see, there are some really exciting ventures that lie in the future for all mankind, and it will be interesting to see how other areas of technology will drastically change again, by the time we get to 2022!

Futuristic Technologic Advances – They are not as far off as you think!

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