July 19, 2022


WordPress 6.1 will improve pattern usage support for block types, custom post types, and a more user-friendly locking and maintenance of saved patterns.

It's time to consider the primary development areas for WordPress 6.1. As we begin to view Phase 3 of the Gutenberg plan, the goal of the release will be to improve the experiences established in 5.9 and 6.0, weave the different flows into more compelling and satisfying experiences for users, maintainers, and extenders, and solve certain functional gaps.

WordPress 6.1 will improve the clarity between global elements while enabling browsing, visualising, and editing the website's structure. Another important aspect of WordPress 6.1 is unifying the Template Editor and Post Editor user interfaces. The Patterns will also improve; by giving them more capabilities, it will be feasible to customise them for unique post kinds and block types.

Features That Will Discover With WordPress 6.1 -

  • Improved Site editing & templates
  • Increase emphasis on Patterns
  • Upgraded to key Core Blocks
  • Block Theme Building improvements
  • Expanded Style System & Design Controls

Focus Areas for WordPress 6.1's Development

Global Styles

One of the most eagerly awaited features of WordPress 6.1 is the global styles switcher for the block editor. Theme designers can use these style variations and quickly swap between them.

The WordPress core development team's focus is on enhancing the global styles roadmap, which covers the styles engine, user experience, main interface, styles variations panel, web font and typography customisation, cross-block elements, per-block styles and supports, and block style variations.

There also will be some new features added to the global styles interface. These capabilities include the ability to manage web fonts and develop responsive typography, as well as support for limitations, privileges, curated presets, and support for constraints. Theme.json modification will also be made more accessible to themes. Along with all of these developments, Matias Venture also noted that Tumblr, a service that WordPress does not power, has incorporated the Gutenberg editor as a first beta version.

Blocks and Design Tools-

The new 6.1 version will enable users to manage web fonts, create responsive typography, and expand the blocks toolkit to increase consistency, dependability, and user pleasure.

Building with Patterns-

The WordPress 6.0 development team is also eager to fully realise the potential of block patterns, emphasised in "Building with Patterns," which appeared somewhat later in the process. This feature of WordPress 6.1 will enable patterns to be at the heart of the creative experience for regular users. Customising patterns for block kinds and custom post types will be possible. Additionally, a feature to manage stored patterns is anticipated, which would improve the block locking process.

Themes and Wider Adoption-

The team will deal with difficulties relating to the slow adoption of features like template components on current legacy themes. Additionally, it will consider the viability of gaining wider access to theme.json editing, theme switching processes, and the best way to utilise fresh style and template options.

One of the key goals is to improve site navigation by adding a new "browse mode" that lets site editors zoom in and out while they work.

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