February 15, 2018


Google has recently announced its new AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) for email specification with which the whole content of your emails can be extracted.Soon you will be able to send your invitations with dynamic RSVPs, and your Airlines may refrain from flooding your inboxes with updated schedule emails, by instead updating their previously sent emails in your inbox.Google says that with this update, it aims to make emails more engaging, useful, and actionable.

How will it work?
As the name suggests, the new spec will work by including AMP components in the emails. AMP is another initiative by Google that was launched back in October 2015, with the motive of making the web more optimized for faster loading across different devices. AMP reduces the load time by performing a set of optimisation actions like executing all the JavaScripts asynchronously, sizing all the external resources statically, rendering all the CSS inline, minimizing style calculations, and keeping extension mechanisms from blocking page rendering.
Since then Google has attempted to integrate all these optimization techniques in AMP components like amp-from, amp-list, amp-carousel, etc., so that the same results can be created for dynamic emails.

Here’s a look of what these dynamic pages will look like-
Google Introduces Dynamic Email Spec with AMP Source: Gsuite Developers Blog

Google says that this feature will be supported by Gmail in the latter part of this year. In the meanwhile, developers can use this specification to develop their own dynamic emails by signing up with the Gmail developer preview.

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