June 21, 2018


I think we can all agree that the recent advancements in technology, especially that of Artificial Intelligence, have been very impressive. AI has the power to monitor and learn about any piece of information it can get its hands on. Being programmed for numerous industries for multiple different purposes, though recently this technology has been used for an even more exciting, somewhat scary project, predicting when you are going to die.


This new algorithm is specific to hospital deaths and was developed by Google’s own Medical Brain. To confirm its accuracy, two different hospitals were used in an experiment to make sure the artificial intelligence is correct. The results from the second hospital was 93% accurate and whereas the first was a whopping 95% accurate.

Although hospitals are supposed to be safe places you go to in order to get better, unfortunately hospitals can often be places for the opposite too. So predicting the likelihood of whose in danger of dying is sure to be helpful as from the information gathered, the patients most likely to die can be given more attention to make sure that statistic of their death is reduced. Although the algorithm can suggest who is in danger, the algorithm isn’t for offering solutions on how to help, the Doctors are left to figure that out for themselves.

Obviously, this technology is very important as it can be used to literally save lives, so why haven’t hospitals invested in something like this before? They have, in fact, Google’s Medical Brain was essentially competing with a hospital’s ‘Early Warning Score’ which is also used to predict the chances of death among the patients, though the Medical Brain AI has proved to be more competent during the experiments.

It is quite extraordinary how far technology is advancing. We, as a society, were once blown away by a function predicting what word we are trying to type on our text messages. Now, technology has advanced from Predictive Text to Predictive Death and this really makes you wonder what is next for Artificial Intelligence and technology as a whole.



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