August 01, 2018


Everyone knows that the iPhone is one of the most popular and sought-after technology products out there and clearly Apple are aware of this too judging by their price tags.

There has been some backlash and criticism in the past by Apple’s customers, who are annoyed that they have to part with so much of their hard earned money, for products they clearly don’t think are worth as much as they are priced .

It is possible that Apple have taken this on board as there has been speculation by analysts that Apple are adjusting the prices for future models. One of the biggest talking points of the iPhone X when it was first released in November 2017, wasn’t the bigger screen or added extras, it was its substantial $999 price tag. It hadn’t even been that long since the iPhone X’s predecessor, the iPhone 7 Plus, was released, but because the X was newer and more advanced, Apple thought that nearly a thousand dollars was an appropriate price.


It is unclear whether they are going to reduce the prices of the iPhones that are currently available but according to analysts for Apple, the next iPhone, the model after the pricey iPhone X, will be 10 per cent cheaper at only $899 for its starting price, however the 6.5 inch model will be $999. Regardless, the prices aren’t going above the iPhone X’s starting price which seems like a good sign at least.

This is noteworthy because technology seems to be becoming more and more expensive, the journey of iPhone releases is no exception. The first iPhone model cost $499 when first released back in 2007, and this was a revolutionary piece of technology that was a huge contributing factor as to why smart phones are so popular today, but since then, the prices have just gone up and up until ten years later the price of the latest iPhone was double that of first iPhone model.

Although it is believed that the analysts’ findings are ‘educated guesses’ according to one article by, we can but hope that Apple are becoming more flexible with their prices, if not for our sake than for theirs. The iPhone X wasn’t the success Apple had planned, in fact, for a time, there was speculation that Apple may discontinue the product altogether.

If the findings are correct and the next iPhone models are cheaper, this will surely be beneficial for Apple as people will appreciate a more reasonably priced phone, and although no one can really consider $899 a bargain for a phone, Apple is taking a step in the right direction from a buyer’s standpoint.

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