September 09, 2016


Dotsquares will be taking part in this year’s Santander’s B’Ashes to raise money for the support teams at Age UK. When we’re so busy working hard through the week and living for the weekend, it’s easy to forget about what will happen later on in life after the years set in. Age UK is one of the largest charity’s in the country that’s dedicated to helping everyone get the most out of life when you reach the age of 60. Not only do they speak up for those who have reached later life, but they also guard the long term interests of the future generations. The charity has around 450 shops in the UK which sells a range of goods that have been donated from local communities, and more than 75,000 volunteers who dedicate their time to make a difference for those in later life. However this is only one of the ways in which they can support the elderly. Over the years, more and more fundraising events have supported the ongoing work from the charity, and it’s these types of donations that enable all the hard work to continue. Here at Dotsquares we fully support Age UK, and believe that they really can make all the difference to people’s lives in the later years. This year we are taking part in Santander’s B’Ashes with the hope to raise even more money for this amazing charity. Please help us to make a difference, by donating generously through the link below: Many Thanks Dotsquares Brighton Help Us Make A Difference For Those In Their Later Lives!Help Us Make A Difference For Those In Their Later Lives!

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