October 06, 2016


Since the launch of the biggest iOS update to date last month, there have been several features that have had a massive upgrade. If you were to ask most users what were the most obvious ones then the new interactive messaging feature would probably come up top trump out of all of them. Due to this consumers may have overlooked the idea that the upgrade has actually become very beneficial to motorists! Considering we use our phones for pretty much everything these days it’s a fair statement to make that we wouldn’t attempt any journey without them, especially when it comes down to navigation. Thanks to the likes of Maps and Google Maps Sat Navs have become virtually redundant, as we tend to opt for these apps over the classic boxy navigational system we all grew to love over the last 15years. Although Maps might not meet the expectations of what Google Maps can offer, there is no doubt that it’s a lot more advanced since the launch of the iOS 10. Just one of the efficient features is that when you’re on route to a destination, maps will be continually updating with traffic information. Pop up notifications will present questions every now and then, to ask if you would like an alternative route which showcases its efficient GPS.This makes a massive difference on your journey and can knock significant amounts of time off your travel. For those of you who sometimes struggle to find your car after it’s been parked, then Maps has got you covered. It uses location services that are connected between your car’s Bluetooth device and your iPhone to automatically trace the location of your car, helping you to navigate back to it. Motorcyclists can also benefit from the latest iOS update as well. No longer will they have to pull over to check who’s calling, as now they have Siri to explain who’s trying to connect by announcing them through the ‘Headphones & Car’ settings. The two mentioned above are probably the most useful motorist apps from the iOS 10 upgrade but there are also some additional “fun” features. For example, if you’re into motorsports and you like to spend a day at the tracks, you might notice that the iPhone’s stopwatch face has had a slick make over with the option of using a dial face. Another “fun” feature links back to the iMessage makeover, where you can now use motor sport stickers and custom keyboards. Aside from the fun features the iOS update really has catered for all individuals and promises a more competent use for all motorists.


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