September 07, 2016


With the launch of the iPhone 7 comes the launch of iOS 10, which apple considers as it’s “biggest release yet!” iOS 10 SDK uses new APIs (Application Programming Interface) and services to support new categories of apps and features. As apps are now combining with messages, siri, maps and many more, there is a need for all app developers to upgrade their systems to be able to comply with the new features that the iOS 10 brings.


The most drastic of iPhone app changes have been made within the messaging function, where there is so much more interaction between parties in conversation. Messages can be sent in your own handwriting, you can swap words instantly for emojis, personal touches like heartbeats, fireballs and sketches can be added over photos and videos, use the ‘tapback’ response to send quick responses to let people know how your feeling and so much more!Quicktype has been updated so that the technology is proactively making suggestions of speech as you are typing, it can even suggest your location, for example if someone were to ask where you are. There is also now a multilingual function so that you can type in two different languages at the same time.


Like Quicktype, photos will use learning techniques to analyse faces, places and objects. There is now also a memory function similar to the memory function from Snapchat, where your past photos can be streamed together as a video. If you have got an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, SE or iPad Pro you are now able to capture ‘RAW’ images which offer more detail.


When it comes to Siri, the biggest change is that Apple have opened it up to 3rd party developers, meaning you can use all apps and functions with voice control, which also includes non-apple apps and functions.


You can now use maps to also make table reservations and book rides through Uber. The feature is more ‘street smart’ and makes proactive suggestions for where you’re likely to go. Your search route can now provide the closest places for Petrol, food and coffee whilst on route. If you have any appointments saved on your calendar then the route will automatically flash up on your screen as a potential option. Another quirky function within the maps feature is that if you have a car with ‘CarPlay’,iOS 10 actually remembers where you’re parked via Bluetooth from your vehicle, and it will give you directions back to it


Apple music has had a major revamp to its layout, and has been redesigned so that you can view the lyrics to your favourite songs whilst listening to them.


Apple have added a subscription in the news feature, and you can now also receive “Breaking News” notifications as well.


With smart homes becoming a thing of the near future, Apple have launched an app called HomeKitthat controls all your compatible appliances.Another feature within the HomeKit app is called Scenes. This is a set of pre-customised adjustments across a range of accessories.


iOS 10 has a voicemail enhancement where it will transformspeech into text for you to read instead, so that you do not have to listen the voicemail itself. After the launch of Apple Pay, iOS 10 makes the payment function more significant in the new update, meaning shopping online is faster, easier and privacy and security is at the optimum.


The games centre app has now been completely removed after research showed that less than 1% of the population were actually using it.


Silent Videos are now available for automatic playback, which means that websites can look different due to the change in iOS policies. Web developers will need to adopt this change to allow the end results for users, but as Apple has now simplified their iOS policies it gives developers more control. Our team of experts here at Dotsquares are ready on hand should you need any help updating your app to meet the iOS 10 requirements. Should you need to do so then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

How iOS 10 Will Change The Routine OF Some Of The Main Features We Use Everyday!
How iOS 10 Will Change The Routine OF Some Of The Main Features We Use Everyday!

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