August 26, 2015


“A key reason for the success of Dotsquares is the breadth and quality of services, combined with a competitive pricing structure. Click here for the article. The article, entitled “How do you compete effectively within an established IT outsourcing marketplace", charts the difficulties in operating in a saturated offshore market, and the issue of trying to stand out and be recognised as a credible organisation. The article goes on to discuss the ways in which Dotsquares can help companies at different stages of their evolution (start-up, expanding and established) to offset some of the issues that are traditionally associated with outsourcing, such as difficulties in communication and working remotely. Dotsquares is committed to providing affordable solutions to web development and fostering long term relationships with clients to ensure ALL their web solutions can be provided from a single source. Our approach proves that offering a great service at a competitive price is still a priority for most people. After all Dotsquares is in the business of Building Business Builders!

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