June 14, 2017


With the excitement of technological advances, especially in the realms of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, we have to acknowledge those who are constantly trying to improve our way of living. We have already heard of several experts in the field who are designing technology to improve our health, and now IBM are taking this matter further by dealing with issues that can impact Society.

IBM is using Machine Learning and AI to solve many critical issues we face in Society!

On 6th June key industry influencers at IBM launched “Science for Social Good”, which is a new programme that has been designed to tackle some of the world’s issues, when it comes to using data and technology. The team of mixed professionals on the project will be working on 12 different projects over the course of the rest of the year, to address the threats that exist in the world today.

The “Science for Social Good” projects will use a combination of artificial intelligence, analytics and data science to meet the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations (UN). These specific projects will target a range of different issues and threats, for example the improvement of food distribution in times of crisis. The aim is to change millions of lives by 2030, through the use of machine learning, AI and big data. Stubborn social problems like opioid abuse and addiction will be analysed from where it is manifested (prescriptions), to how it can me managed and solved.

The projects chosen for this year’s Social Good program cover an important range of topics — including predicting new diseases, promoting innovation, alleviating illiteracy and hunger, and helping people out of poverty. What unifies them all is that, at the core, they necessitate major advances in science and technology. Armed with the expertise of our partners and drawing on a wealth of new data, tools and experiences, Science for Social Good can offer new solutions to the problems our society is facing.” – Arvind Krishna, Director of IBM research.

We wish IBM all the best with their program in hope that it will be a successful one, so that we can improve our way of living!



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