July 04, 2023


Renowned for its significant contributions to the IT industry, Dotsquares proudly unveiled its new development hub in Jaipur, India, in 2023, further strengthening its global footprint.

Over the past couple of decades, Dotsquares has emerged as one of the global leaders in the creative digital design and development industry. By leveraging the latest web and mobile technologies to build futuristic platforms for businesses, it is showcasing the world new approaches and unique methods in the IT industry.

Further solidifying its standing as a top-tier IT service provider, Dotsquares celebrated the recent inauguration of its Global Capability Centre (GCC) in Rajasthan, India. This development hub exemplifies Dotsquares' commitment to integrating high-tech infrastructure with a sustainable, employee-focused environment.

Raising the Bar for IT Development: Key Eco-Friendly Features of GCC for Sustainable Progress

The newly-constructed GCC facility accentuates Dotsquares' commitment to environmental sustainability and the health and well-being of its workforce. The building is eco-friendly, offering a secure and comfortable working environment. Here are some distinguishing features of the GCC:

Energy efficient

Dotsquares' new facility uses smart LED lighting, motion sensors, VRF systems, and high-performance insulation, equipped with Argon filled DGU glass, to reduce energy consumption and manage indoor temperatures.

Renewable Energy Facility

The office incorporates renewable energy sources such as solar panels to generate clean electricity. Solar panel installation reduces the reliance on fossil fuels and lowers the building's carbon footprint.


The GCC employs water-efficient systems like low-flow faucets, dual-flush toilets, and rainwater harvesting systems for irrigation and other non-potable uses.This approach is used to make a positive little impact on groundwater levels.

Green Spaces

The roof of the building features a rooftop garden. Which helps in absorbing rainwater, reduces heat absorption, and provides insulation in the building. These green spaces also contribute to the overall aesthetics of the building and create a pleasant environment for employees.

Natural Lighting and Ventilation

The building design maximises natural light, supplemented by strategically placed windows and skylights, reducing the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. The building also incorporates natural and TFA (treated fresh air) ventilation systems to enhance indoor air quality.

Waste Management

Waste management systems are implemented throughout the building to promote recycling and reduce waste. With composting facilities and strategically placed recycling bins installed. The building also has provisioned STP (Sewerage Treatment plant) from Diaki, Japan. It can recycle the sewerage and make it reusable for non-potable usage.

Green Transportation

The new development centre promotes sustainable transportation by providing bicycle storage facilities, electric vehicle charging stations, and designated carpool parking spots.

Innovative GCC Features With Futuristic Approach

With optimum performance from every individual, Dotsquares is working to create a holistic workplace experience for every employee. The new building of the organisation has a range of wellness and recreation facilities to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

GCC has multiple meeting rooms with high-definition video screens and crystal-clear audio to manage conference and presentation sessions. The building has high-speed internet access. Here are the primary elements that make the GCC a healthy and modern tech-laden place to work:

Refreshment spaces

Dotsquares' Global Capability Centre (GCC) features inviting refreshment areas that serve as perfect spots for employees to relax and recharge.This café is designed to not just provide nourishment, but also to serve as a social hub where employees can interact, foster relationships, and exchange ideas informally.

Games Rooms

Equipped with a range of games such as pool tables, foosball, carrom, and table tennis, these recreational areas offer a fun, refreshing break from work. They provide an opportunity for employees to relax, socialise, and engage in friendly competition, thereby fostering team building and collaboration.

Wellness Centre

Promoting a culture of health and wellness, Dotsquares has incorporated a dedicated Wellness Centre within its Global Capability Centre (GCC).

This thoughtful addition emphasises the importance of physical and mental health in the workplace. The Wellness Centre is designed as a sanctuary where employees can step away from their workstations to engage in rejuvenating activities such as yoga and meditation.

Natural touch to high-tech infrastructure

The GCC is designed with a keen eye on aesthetics, integrating greenery into workspaces, corridors, and common areas. This introduction of nature into the high-tech setting not only provides visual appeal but also promotes a serene atmosphere conducive to creativity and productivity.

Redefine Innovation and Embrace New Challenges with Dotsquares

Dotsquares has been working in the IT service industry for more than 2 decades. It has emerged as a primary name in development with its presence all over the globe. With a strong team of 1000+ professionals, it is growing at a rapid pace and showing no signs of a slowdown.

Dotsquares' new facility (GCC), which has a capacity of more than 1600 people, is only the most recent milestone in the company's growth. The company will keep growing with these developments and help businesses go big in the digital landscape as it has been doing for so long. It has helped countless businesses with advanced approaches and delivered quality each time.

The team at Dotsquares can’t wait to add your project to their portfolio. Contact us now to get started with your project and level up your business.

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