February 25, 2020


Since 2002 we have been fortunate enough to work with approximately 10,954 clients, across many verticals, within a range of different industries. This has allowed us to forge long term relationships and grow a community within the Dotsquares network. 

With each project we consistently like to share success stories as well as new learnings so that we can support existing, and future clients, to enhance their products and services. There have been many occasions where we have realised just how crucial some of our clients services can be to one another. For this reason we have been working hard to bring the Dotsquares client community even closer together, and have taken a new approach to educate our community to how they could support others. This manifested the idea of Techsquares. 
Unlike your typical technical digest that illustrates upcoming market trends, we have decided to  focus on our clients, putting them at the forefront of the magazine. From sharing case studies about their latest achievements, to featuring an eye catching advertisement, this is a fantastic way for our clients to really showcase their business to our international contacts. We also want to use this as an opportunity for our clients to better know our teams and services, so with each issue we will be giving our readers a “behind the scenes” snapshot of our involvement in other projects, organisations and activities. We will of course still provide exciting snippets of upcoming industry trends so that our readers can stay up to date with the markets.

Introducing Techsquares - Our first publication!

We hope that you enjoy reading the magazine as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. For more information about the magazine and how you can take part head on over to www.techsquares.co.uk


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