January 09, 2017


In today’s digital industry technology is drastically evolving and one key concept that has everyone talking is the progression IoT (Internet of Things). As the simplicity of our lifestyles develop there is a constant need for smart devices to make sure we have all the resources we need with a click of a button, and it doesn’t stop there! Towards the end of last year Gartner predicted that this hype is expected to colossally grow with new innovations and implementations with connectivity and sources of information. Just some of the key IoT trends to look out for are new devices, the development of new standards for multi-sensor support and M2M automation, vertical services and a lot of topics related to security and privacy concerns. IoT will soon surround our everyday lifestyles and just like smart devices the public will be soon be submerged in the technology. For this reason developers are encouraged to create flexible mobile experiences by embracing new opportunities provided by IoT. As we have seen already Connected Homes are now a reality, companies like IPS, Home Kit, Google, Nest are all competing to set new standards of the technology, and Smart appliances are being integrated to be fully comprehensive with the technology’s functions and Product APIs. Where developers are testing the technology on different devices, this can be highly time consuming and unproductive if you’re not sure of what you’re doing. We have already seen some classic examples in the market where the use of IoT on smart devices hasn’t really created the results desired. This isn’t down to the technology or development itself, it’s more about nurturing the concept. Here at Dotsquares our supreme consultancy services and expertise in IoT development, equips us with the knowledge and experience to provide you with a complete transparent service. Should you have an idea about improving a device or technology using IoT, then our consultants will be able to give you the right guidance to not only make that concept a reality, but also they can also suggest the best ways to go about the development process with the right tools.

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