August 26, 2015


We at Dotsquares seem to have got into the habit of bucking bad trends. When most companies have been downsizing, we have been constantly expanding, and whilst many are cutting costs, we have been constantly investing.

Recently we came across this article suggesting that companies will be cutting their IT budgets due to the ongoing worldwide economic status. However, we would like you to join us in bucking trends. Our prices are so competitive that we believe you can afford to invest in IT as we far undercut our competitors, whiles providing a level of service that is right at the top of the market.

So, with us, the old rule of speculate to accumulate can be realised without having to break the bank. We are able to assist you with Design, Development, Programming, Content Management Systems, Business applications, Smart phone applications, as well as totally bespoke systems designed to match your business ethos. With regards to our technical expertise, our pool of expertise covers the majority of technical disciplines, and includes :

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