February 01, 2022


It is with great pleasure that we announced at the beginning of the month that 2022 would be the year of People, Tools & Technology here at Dotsquares. We firmly believe that the first of those is by far the most important as they essentially “drive” the other two. At Dotsquares we ensure that our new hires have all the support and training that they need. Several years ago we started our own “University” to ensure all our people have the skills, processes and confidence to speak with clients and other agencies as required. Towards the end of last year, and continuing into this we have been ensuring that all people have the correct accreditations according to their roles. We have made massive progress on Microsoft, Hubspot, AWS, PMI and other certifications. In addition, we have been providing training sessions on the softer skills, sometimes the thing that development organisations like ourselves are thought of as lacking!

eBusiness Portal Success

We're excited to announce our participation in the recent 24th National Conference on E-Governance held in Hyderabad. Dotsquares worked with the Governor of Rajasthan to develop and showcase a critical eBusiness portal. Designed and developed by Dotsquares using a base .Net technology, this was supplemented with an MVC web API, Angular 8 for UI and an MS SQL Database. The portal is an effective link between Government Departments and third-party Service Providers.


While working together; a lot of correspondence such as EMD Return Request, Payment Invoice Submission, Complaint, Suggestions, General Issues Letters, pre-bid queries etc. also takes place between Service Provider and the departments. As of now all the correspondence from both sides is done manually.


Our Business to Government Portal (ebusiness.rajasthan.gov.in) has been designed to act as a one-stop public interface for the Service Providers engaged with the Government of Rajasthan. The Portal will act as a communication gateway between Government Departments and their business partners thus increasing the transparency and accountability in the system.


New Wins

January this year has seen some great projects being won. One of these was to assist Marstons (the pub and brewery giant - https://www.marstonspubs.co.uk/) to revamp and migrate their current application suite to the cloud in a detailed Azure infrastructure. Additional planned phases with Marstons include developing an AI-driven portal that will allow pre-produced video files to be merged with specific backdrops. Other new wins include an audio app being built in native technologies for a private medical management company with the back end being provided in Laravel (PHP).

One Year Foundation Stone Anniversary 

Last year, on the 18th January our directors had a small ceremony to lay the foundation stone to our new Development Centre in Jaipur. One year on and as seen above the building is really taking shape with 3 floors above ground and two basement floors completed. As you would expect the building, like our Albourne offices in the UK, are gold-rated to take into account a minimal carbon footprint. Special attention has been taken on recycling, waste management, energy conservation and renewable sources as these are part of our bigger sustainability goals for the environment.


We’re getting very close to the final stages which will see the interior fit and finish allowing us to move into our new home. Once there we’ll be able to provide greater levels of service and customer care for our clients with everything under one roof making that even easier.


Fixed Desks Available in London