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One of the most popular programming languages that is used by many businesses for platform development is JavaScript. Many businesses use it extensively for their business platform development. It can be used to develop dynamic and interactive web pages thanks to characteristics like lightweight code and excellent error handling.

It facilitates quality communication and it is used to handle challenging coding tasks with ease. There is no need to reload the entire page and users can load specific components on the web page using JavaScript. Additionally, JavaScript offers a variety of frameworks that can increase developer productivity and provide more flexibility. It’s best to hire Java developers for a perfect approach to platform development. An expert team can help you leverage the best JS framework for your business model.

What Is Javascript Framework?

Frameworks lessen the complexity of programming languages. A collection of pre-made libraries written in JavaScript is referred to as a framework. Additionally, it can be used to improve developers' all-around effectiveness. For many JavaScript frameworks across development domains, there are pre-built codes that are accessible.

A JavaScript framework acts as a blueprint for well-liked programming paradigms and gives instructions for creating complex applications. Web application development can be done without frameworks, but they can be useful since they offer many features that make the process simple.

Here Are The Three Most Used Javascript Frameworks For Development


A complete collection of capabilities for creating large, complex websites and app is available in the Angular framework for JavaScript. It includes a lot of capabilities, including the capability to connect various website components so they update automatically. Large-scale enterprise applications should use since it has a robust ecosystem of tools and libraries.


React is similar to a more condensed set of technologies that are effective in improving the appearance and functionality of specific website components. Programmers can rapidly and simply update specific sections of a website without having to change the entire thing thanks to this feature. This small library uses a virtual DOM and focuses on creating UI components. It also offers a great community.


The greatest elements of Angular and React are combined in the Vue framework. It is simple to use and provides an intuitive API. Because of its modest size footprint, it is the best option for smaller projects or applications that must load rapidly. It's simple to understand and use, and it offers some excellent features like the ability to instantly change how your website appears in response to what your viewers are doing.

Advantages And Limitations Of Using These Javascript Frameworks

These Javascript frameworks have many advantages and many challenges for web development. Here are some of them:

Advantages of using Angular

Angular is a great option if you're seeking a strong and feature-rich framework for your web development requirements. Its two-way data binding, which permits model modifications and makes it simple to maintain the view in sync, is one of its distinguishing features. Moreover, Angular offers an effective change detection mechanism that can assist you in delivering fast performance and excellent user experiences.

The dependency injection feature of Angular, which facilitates effective code reuse, promotes code modularity and testing, is another benefit. Furthermore, Angular includes built-in directives such as ng-repeat and ng-if that make it simple to work with the DOM and develop dynamic views. Overall, Angular is a good competitor for web developers searching for a robust and adaptable framework thanks to these benefits.

Advantages of using React

React, a popular JavaScript toolkit for creating user interfaces, offers a number of benefits that make it a preferred option among developers. First off, React has a sizable developer community online, making it simple to obtain resources, tutorials, and support when needed. Moreover, React's component-based architecture and modular design make it simple to create an interactive user experience.

React has a virtual DOM, which simplifies and effectively updates code, allowing for quicker rendering times and higher performance. React is a popular option for complicated apps because it offers outstanding performance and a quick rendering process. React is also very interoperable with other frameworks and libraries, making integration with them simple

Advantages of using Vue

The Vue framework has gained popularity among businesses as a result of the many advantages it offers. First of all, because it is lightweight and simple to understand, Vue is a great framework for medium-sized apps. Because of its adaptive and modular architecture, which provides them more freedom and control over the development process, developers may customise their workflows and employ only the components they need.

The synchronisation of the model and view, which is made simple by Vue's reactive data binding design, is a fundamental aspect of developing responsive and dynamic user interfaces. Vue features a large number of sets of directives, filters, and components for DOM manipulation, making it very easy to build complex user interfaces. Vue has small bundle sizes, which results in great performance.

Limitations of using Angular

The angular framework has great features but there are some limitations as well. Here are those:

  • It has extensive features and complex architecture which makes it tough to learn for new developers.
  • The bundle size can be large and it can reduce the performance by increasing the loading time.
  • Websites built with Angular fetch data using API calls and it does not have many HTML files. This makes it complex for Google to crawl and index pages on the search engine, making it a tough choice for SEO.

The limitations of using React

React is used by many businesses but you should know everything before you use it for your business. Here are some limitations of using React framework for development:

  • UI components are defined by JSX syntax. Learning this can be challenging due to its complexity.
  • It lacks built-in features as it is a library and not a framework. It heavily depends on third parties for functionality.

Limitations of using Vue

Here are some limitations of using the Vue framework for development:

  • It can be challenging for developers to detect a problem as the Vue framework doesn't have an extensive community.
  • It can not be used for large and complex projects

Comparing Angular, React, and Vue

Here is a comparison table for a better understanding of the best frameworks from JavaScript:

Feature Angular React Vue
Architecture It has a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. It has a component-based architecture. It has a component-based architecture.
State management It uses RxJS and NgRx libraries. It uses Redux and Context API. It uses Vuex and Vue 3 Composition API.
Performance Performance Large bundle size Small bundle size Small bundle size
Typescript Support It supports first-class typescript. It supports typescripts from third parties. It supports first-class typescript.
Learning Curve It has a steep learning curve. It has a moderate learning curve. It has an easy learning curve.
Two-way data binding It supports two-way data binding. It does not support two-way data binding It does not support two-way data binding
Directives It has built-in directives It does not have any built-in directives It has built-in directives.
Templates It uses HTML templates It uses HTML templates It uses either HTML templates or JSX
Development tools It has many built-in development tools. It has many third-party libraries It has many built-in development tools
Server-side rendering Supported Supported Supported

Utilise the best JavaScript framework

JavaScript frameworks can be used to create a website that gives an exceptional user experience. With optimal performance capabilities, frameworks like Angular, Vue, and React are widely used for secure web and app development services for various industries.

There are a lot of big names who leverage JavaScript and its frameworks for their web development needs. Websites and apps are very crucial for the growth of your business in the evolving digital world. If you are looking to build a scalable and responsive website for your business, you can take assistance from our expert developers. To know more Book a free consultation.

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